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Five types of company surveys you should be using in your company

Posted on 5/26/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There are many types of surveys with different goals, some are aimed at customer satisfaction while others are aimed toward employee satisfaction. Surveys that target customers offer a way to better understand the market you are intending to sell to, while surveys that target employees allow you to adjust to the employee's wishes and needs throughout their employment with the company.

5 types of company surveys you should implement

Different surveys target different aspects of understanding. Below are five types of surveys that you should implement with a survey tool within your company to ensure success.

Market Research Survey

A market research survey allows you to gather information about what you are targeting such as where your product is most purchased, the needs of your customers, and what your current competition may be within the industry.

Market research surveys help to build quick and accurate insights into what customers think or feel about a certain product or service offered by your company. You are able to see which products are stronger sellers than others and what customers are looking to buy. If customers are unsatisfied, you can adjust accordingly with these surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are most commonly used by larger corporations, often in the form of email after purchase or an automated survey after a phone call with the company. These surveys are voluntary on behalf of the customer to see if the customer was satisfied with the interaction between themselves and your business at the time of purchase.

These surveys have the potential to increase sales because a good survey report means the customer is more likely to tell their friends and family about the experience. You can include questions like:

• “Were you greeted and/or helped by a member of the team?”
• “Did you easily locate and purchase what you came for?”
• “How was your overall experience?”
• “How likely are you to return to our store?”

Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey is aimed to receive honest feedback from employees about their current role within the company. The survey is typically anonymous to ensure honest answers. It is a great way to boost morale and increase employee retention and job satisfaction.

360 Survey

The 360 survey is designed to gather the opinion of all employees, managers, vendors, and customers about the job performance and overall capabilities of a specific employee. These reviews are often used to determine bonuses, raises, and the longevity of employment.

Employee Compensation and Benefits Survey

Employee compensation and benefits surveys are potentially one of the most important surveys you can extend to employees within the company. It aids in helping you to understand if employees are satisfied or not with their current pay and benefits package. While a company is not likely to increase wages just because an employee says they should receive more, it is a great tool for determining which employees have earned a raise and which employees have not.

There are a lot of different surveys that companies can use to ensure the satisfaction of both customers and employees. And Novi Survey's online survey software has you covered for all of them!
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