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Five tips to benefit from consumer mobile surveys

Posted on 11/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

If your organization hasn’t implemented mobile surveys into your business strategy then you are missing out on capitalizing in a large market. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, more than seventy percent of the country owns a mobile device. Clearly, your customers are connected to the world with their mobile devices.

Market researchers should take advantage of mobile-friendly surveys to gain the insights they need especially since mobile users are most likely to access surveys whether or not it fits they're demographics or interests.
Here are five tips to get the most of consumer mobile surveys.

1) Configure Survey Content for Mobile Devices

Consumer research surveys traditionally originated for the PC format. Therefore, many organizations have failed to format surveys for the mobile device. Researchers should design surveys that aren't cluttered and can easily fit the screen of the average cell phone.

This can be done by simplifying the content, using the appropriate font size and ensuring that specific areas of the survey can be enlarged for improved viewing. In addition, when simplifying survey content, unnecessary graphics should be eliminated, rows and columns should be kept to a minimum. Consumers are likely to engage in surveys that have a clean and simple format.

2. Utilize Swipe and Touch Input

Dragging and excessive typing input requirements are best reserved for PC surveys. When generating efficient mobile consumer surveys, researchers should make it as easy as possible for users to answer survey questions.

Touch tapping and swiping are simple input methods that should be used for mobile surveys. Complex input modes will move the user to completely abandon the survey.

3. Ensure It's Visually Appealing

The truth is consumers are motivated to take surveys that they find visually interesting. When generating mobile surveys, organizations should make sure that they feature as ethically pleasing colors and pictures.

Online survey software can be used to easily generate attractive surveys that will catch the consumers eye. Include colors that relate to your brand and add your logo. You can even add photos and videos to your mobile surveys. These help to keep your survey respondents engaged.

4. Test and Repair Bugs

One of the best ways to gather valuable feedback from consumer surveys and to ensure that respondents have a positive experience to repeatedly conduct tests.

Trial runs can help an organization determine whether they need to make changes to the font size, graphics, and other agents. When bugs are bought to the organization's attention, it should be repaired right away.

5. Optimize For Different Devices

Whether its an iPhone, Android or tablet, organizations should invest in a survey tool that uses self-rendering browser technology that automatically detects the user device type to render a well-optimized consumer survey.

And, similar to tip number four, be sure to run tests to ensure that the mobile survey is optimized for all devices.

Are you a market researcher who hasn’t yet taken advantage of mobile surveys? If so, you’re potentially missing out on capturing feedback from a large market.

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