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Five tips for creating effective email surveys using online survey software

Posted on 4/9/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Email surveys are exceptional tools for businesses when used effectively. They can help you learn important things about customer service, public opinion, and product interest and demand. Following these five tips will help you make the most of your online survey software so you can enjoy better results for the sake of your business.

1) Identify Specific Survey Goals

Your survey tool won't be as effective as it otherwise could be for your business if you haven't clearly defined your goals going in. You should have a good idea of the questions you need answered. These questions may involve new product concepts, customer satisfaction with the product, or customer service experiences. When you have specific and identifiable goals for the survey to address, your email surveys can be all the more beneficial.

2) Determine Your Target Audience

There are a wide range of groups you may want to target with your email surveys. In some cases, it's a specific demographic (age, gender, marital status, etc.). Those are the obvious audiences, don't forget to identify also if you're trying to target existing customers, potential customers, or purchased leads who likely have no prior relationship or connection to your business as well. Keep your target audience in mind as you create the questions you plan to use in your survey software.

3) Ask Strategic Questions

Change things up a bit in order to get the answers you want most. Vary the types of questions you ask. Choose relevant and timely questions, and utilize simple to advanced question logic. The key is to keep each individual questions simple and easy to answer; but also make sure you have a system in place to analyze and measure the answers you're presented.

4) Customize and Format

Create a survey that's user friendly, but also that helps solidify your brand within your industry. Use your logo and branding images, slogans, organization colors etc. shamelessly throughout the survey. Test various styles of formatting and provide users with a progress bar so that they don't give up and quit one or two questions from the finish line. Understand that they are giving you their time. Use your survey software to show them how much you appreciate that gift.

5) Test the Survey

Don't necessarily dive right in and distribute the survey far and wide. Test it on a few members of your organization first, if possible. Otherwise distribute the survey to a select "test audience" to make sure you're getting the answers you seek, that everything shows up appropriately in the survey tool, and that the online survey software is as intuitive and simple to use as you need it to be in order to remain useful for your business.

Once you've done these things, you'll be ready to release your email survey to your target audience and wait for the results to begin rolling in. Always remember, the easier you make it for your target market to say yes to your surveys, the more difficult it becomes for them to say no.
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