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Five tactics to create a better consumer survey using survey software

Posted on 9/14/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Implementing a consumer survey is essential to the growing success of your business since it helps you see what satisfaction level your customers have. It can be a broad survey that simply gets an idea of what the average consumer in your niche is looking for, or it can be specific to your previous customers about a transaction they recently had. Either way, the following tactics will help you better utilize online survey software.

1) Use Creativity When Designing the Survey

Many consumer surveys never get touched because they are dull and boring. Many consumers don’t want to spend several minutes of their time looking at a black and white text screen and answering questions about their recent transaction.

There is no reason you can’t use the survey software to be a little more creative and actually have fun with it. You can add images and video to certain pages of the survey, or word the questions and answers in a more entertaining manner.

2) Make the Survey Simple and Short

Another common mistake people make when trying to come up with a good customer satisfaction or basic consumer survey is by being complicated. The survey should be very easy to access with nothing more than a link to click on.

Don’t make the survey too long or the questions too difficult. You should never require the individual to leave full sentences about what they like or dislike. While it is okay to offer this as an option, best practices dictate that it is merely an option, otherwise they might abandon the survey without finishing it. Think about a survey you wouldn’t mind taking on a busy day and use that as your inspiration.

3) Let Users Skip Questions

Another part of having a simple and straightforward consumer survey is to give more flexible options. One good option is to have a link on every question that lets the user skip questions they don’t like answering or don’t want to answer.

There are many reasons for this, and many have to do with time, while others have to do with privacy. For example, a user who doesn’t have a lot of time will only answer questions that are simple and straightforward. Another respondent might be uneasy about sharing their annual income. Either way, incorporating a skip question feature helps.

4) Brand the Survey

It is also a good idea to add some of your company’s branding to the survey so that it not only gives you more information from your customers, but they will associate it with your business. For general consumer surveys, some people do think anonymous ones get more honest results, but try a split test of one that is branded and one that isn’t. Having your brand logo embedded throughout the survey is a great way to brand your survey.

5) Do Your Research

Don’t just rush through the survey process. Conduct research before drafting the questions so you know exactly what information you are trying to gauge during the survey. Try to have questions that are things you honestly wonder about in your niche, or that you want feedback about from your customers.

With a good survey tool, you are able to have flexibility in designing it, ask different types of questions, and be able to personalize it for your business.
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