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Five survey research software features to look for in online survey tools

Posted on 1/12/2023 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips
Are you confused by the numerous features online survey software offers? Not sure which features are the most important for your research and how you should select online survey software?

Investing in quality survey software gives you access to the most advanced online survey creation, analysis, and distribution tools available. Along with having your survey created with ease using the question templates provided in the survey software, you can also use powerful analytics tools to help you interpret your survey results and develop a plan to improve your organizational processes.

Understanding the most important features a survey software can offer will help narrow your selection. This article lists some features to look out for as you evaluate the various options for your research software. Read on for more information.

Features to Watch Out for When Choosing Survey Research Software

When choosing survey research software, it is important to select a survey tool with various features that will help create the perfect survey for your respondents. Below are five features to look out for:

1) Available Templates

A good online survey software should offer numerous question templates with many types. Having different question types is beneficial as it will help with sorting and randomizing answers and defining validation procedures. Features such as branching and skipping, conditional logic, text piping, parameter substitution, and answer generation will also help garner more specific results.

2) Response Management

Data collection can be set up in several ways, such as setting a quota or managing the number of responses, automatically categorizing responses, and triggering future actions. The feature also allows for the tracking of several iterations and the gathering of real-time feedback.

3) Multilingual Support

A good online survey software should have different language choices to help with global market regions. The feature can also include a spell-checker for each language and an auto-detect tool that sets the survey to each respondent’s default language.

4) Data Analysis and Reports

This feature lets you view your reports and browse your survey data in real-time. You can also create elegant summary reports for numerical and categorical data using descriptive statistics and illustrate them with customizable charts and graphs. Finally, you can use powerful filtering features to segment and categorize your data by any criteria and transfer your data into different formats.

5) Multimedia

A good online survey software must allow the use of images, graphics, and videos for interactive questionnaires. This feature can be in-built or made to work as an integrated feature.

Whether you are conducting marketing research, collecting feedback from your website users, or gauging the satisfaction of your clients and customers, online survey software provides you with all the features you need to get the answers you seek. Remember to include the cost in the company’s IT spending, though.
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