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Five strategic reasons to conduct a website survey

Posted on 3/30/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
As a business owner, a website is one of the keys to your success. It connects you with your target audience, allows them to learn about your business, and even makes it possible for them to purchase products and/or services.

However, just because you have a website, that doesn’t mean that it is using it optimally. A website needs to meet the needs of your customers in order to be an effective business tool.

While traffic is certainly a valuable way to determine if your site is attracting visitors, it’s not exactly the most effective — or strategic — way to determine if those visitors are satisfied with your site.

How can you find out if your visitors are happy with your website? Perhaps the most insightful way is by conducting a website survey designed with online survey software. If you haven’t utilized a website survey tool to determine your visitors’ satisfaction, here are five very good reasons why you should.

You’ll gather valuable information regarding the usability of your website. In order for your site to be a strong asset for your business, it needs to be user-friendly. If it’s difficult for your visitors to locate the information that they are seeking or purchase a product, for example, your site is rather ineffective. By conducting a survey, you can find out just how user-friendly your website is.

You can collect feedback regarding the new products you have launched. A survey will allow your visitors to share whether or not they are happy with any new products that you are offering. Having customers who are satisfied with your products is critical to your success.

You can learn whether or not your website is credible. Security is exceptionally important to online shoppers, and if they don’t feel like your site is safe or credible, they will quickly click off your site and go to a competitor’s. A survey will allow visitors to share with you whether or not they believe your site is credible, and if not, what changes can be made to improve its credibility.

You’ll save money. Website surveys are much more cost effective than traditional survey methods. Instead of spending money mailing out surveys, you can simply include a survey right on your site or email it to your subscribers.

You’ll have a higher response rate. In order for a survey to serve its intended purpose, people need to respond. Your site users are far more likely to respond to a quick survey online than they are to a survey that they receive in the mail, for example, which translates to a higher response rate.

If you want to enhance the experience your targeted audience has with your business, a website survey can prove to be a valuable tool to help you do so. The information that you gather from a survey can help you not only improve your website, but your bottom line as well.
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