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Five reasons your company needs to implement a security survey

Posted on 7/29/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Security surveys entail an analysis of your business's workforce, facility, and crucial assets. They evaluate your company's vulnerability to possible risks and threats. The results of your survey tool reveal the direct impact risks and threats like these have on your most valuable operations and assets.

Online survey software provides the data needed for achieving the right levels of security and safety your company requires to cost-effectively limit liability and risk and prepare ongoing operations during a possible crisis. Here are five reasons you should think about conducting a security survey.

1. Eliminate Liability Risk

In certain cases where there's been a security breach and a staff member has been harmed, you might end up being responsible if you didn't have adequate security precautions put in place. Security survey software helps ensure you've done everything there is to do for protecting your staff members and helps eliminate the risk of liability in case of a type of security breach, like a break in, should occur.

2. Check System Configuration

A scan for vulnerability can help find inaccurate configured systems that can leave a network susceptible. IT departments are counted on for implementing new systems in a safe way. In some cases, it helps to have another person look at the system thoroughly to help with supporting your team and safeguard against errors when configuring and implementing new software and hardware.

3. Provide Assurance to Customers

Consumers and businesses are increasingly becoming aware of data protection importance. They require a high degree of risk awareness and vigilance from their suppliers in regard to cybersecurity. We've reached a point where some contracts may be lost or worn based on how you protect consumer information. A solid cybersecurity program that includes vulnerability evaluations can help your company stand out from others.

4. Identify Resources

Your security survey can help to Identify resources necessary and available for establishing an efficient security program. It can provide you with a framework to assist in selecting the most cost-efficient resources that suit your budget to provide the risk and security mitigations your business needs.

5. Decrease Stress

Prioritizing business security awareness training can decrease the potential of added stress to staff members who deal with sensitive information. Not knowing what occurs during a data breach or cyber-attack could impact your business production, therefore keeping staff members educated on attack methods and threat intelligence can help decrease uncertainty and promote safe technology usage and efficient work.

Risk, vulnerability, weakness assessments are often the first step to develop or modify current security processes and programs to reduce, mitigate, or eliminate threats or breaches that could be detrimental to your business. Whether you're a startup organization or your business has a long-standing history, it can benefit from the insights received from a security survey.
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