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Five reasons to use marketing research surveys

Posted on 11/25/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

An important part of business growth is market research. It should be carried out periodically to gain customer insight. Successful businesses continue to conduct research on a regular basis in order to maintain a competitive edge and stay with the market trends.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your business, in order to understand your target market and increase sales, you need market research. A good way to do this is through marketing research surveys. A big reason why new businesses fail is because they don not make time for marketing research to determine if they have viable ideas or not.

Reasons to Use Online Survey Software

1. Reach a Targeted Audience

Through a survey tool, you can gain input from your target audience. Either through social followers or a customer list, you can simply send off the market surveys and get answers to your important questions. Surveys sent out to your market will ensure your efforts are as reliable and effective as possible.

2. Get Feedback

Get feedback from your customers and find out what they really think about your services, products, marketing or events. The information you get back will provide a lot of value to your business.

3. Update Prices or Product Offers

Online survey software designed to gain feedback from customers about products will enable you to gain insights that drive customer satisfaction, product improvements, prices and sales. Ask questions that will let you know how to improve your products or what customers like about competing companies' products.

4. Gain Customer Insight

You can learn how to grow your business by gathering insights from potential customers. This will allow you to find their needs so you can cater to them with future products or services. With this knowledge, you can really target your campaigns and messages to really connect with your customers and speak to them. You can also focus your time and resources on where you need them the most.

5. Guide Business Decisions

Survey software will help you make business decisions that are informed. The customer feedback you get from marketing research surveys can guide you in future marketing, organizational and product decisions.

Online survey software is pretty affordable. In fact, both mobile and online surveys have a small cost per respondent. Usually, it costs less to use online surveys than having to administer phone or paper surveys, even if respondents are given incentives to fill them out. Potential responses are generally increased too; in the thousands in many cases. There is a wide range of market research surveys you can use to gain insights on the bigger environment in which your services or products live in. Everyday business tasks like emailing, social media, and content writing all have their place and are important; however, surveys sent out routinely are a crucial part of your marketing strategy as well.

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