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Five reasons to measure brand awareness with a brand recognition survey

Posted on 2/22/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Lack of brand awareness presents your business with a whole host of problems. From zero customer engagement to leads that don’t go anywhere, when consumers don’t recognize your brand, they’re likelier to deal with other businesses rather than yours.

In the modern marketplace, it’s rare to find a company that’s the only one of its genre. For example, if you want a bag of potato chips, when you visit your local store, you’ll see countless different branded packed on the shelves. These are all around the same price, and all contain similar ingredients.

So, what makes you choose one brand over another? For some people, it’s the taste. For many individuals, they like to choose a brand that’s recognizable or that seems aspirational. Perhaps for example, the brand of potato chips is packaged in an eco-friendly bag. Some consumers will want to purchase that brand and associate with it for that primary reason.

What is Brand Awareness?

When we discuss brand awareness, what exactly does that mean? Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are familiar with your service or product. You need to know how visible you are to consumers, so you can target your marketing accordingly. Your goal is to be the first brand that comes to mind when people think of your business area.

Why Measure Brand Awareness Via a Survey?

Perhaps the most effective method of measuring awareness of your brand is by using online survey software. Using a survey tool, you can rapidly roll out your survey to a huge number of customers with the click of a mouse.

When surveying your clientele, you want to gain awareness of very detailed areas so you must be very deliberate with your questions. This can help you measure:

Brand recognition. When a consumer is shown a list of brands, do they recognize yours as being a reputable option?

Brand recall. Do customers think first about one of your competitors or do they spontaneously remember your brand first?

Brand identity. Your marketing team creates the identity of your brand. It’s crucial to determine whether their efforts are being continuously successful.

Brand trust. Trust in brands is more important now than ever. There’s rarely a day that goes by without news reports of data breaches and product recalls. You need to focus on making your brand as trustworthy as possible, to retain the customers you have and to attract new ones.

Brand loyalty. Faithful regulars can often be walking advertisements for your brand. Through rolling out your brand recognition survey using survey software, you can keep track of customer allegiance to your company.

Measuring brand awareness with a brand recognition survey provides you with the accurate and insightful data you need to evaluate your marketing performance.

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