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Five reasons to implement a client satisfaction survey

Posted on 9/28/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Client satisfaction surveys are often implemented for a wide range of reasons, from wanting to see how customers perceive your business as a whole, to looking for recommendations from past customers to improving your business success in the future. Here are five of the top reasons to implement a client satisfaction survey.

1) You Get Fast Results

One of the prime reasons to use a survey tool to conduct a client satisfaction survey is because you get fast results. Other methods of finding out how you are doing or how your products or services are liked by your clients can be long and drawn out. Not all of your clients will leave a rating or review after buying a product or utilizing your service, so it helps to have a survey that gives you fast results. When you word the survey and survey questions correctly, you can encourage enough respondents to take the survey where you really benefit from the final results.

2) Lets You Resolve Problems

There are two types of problems in your business: those you knew about but not the extent of them, and problems you never knew existed. With a client satisfaction survey, you’ll gather more information about both. You have the advantage of finding about big and small problems you never knew existed, such as issues with downloading a file if you sell digital products or problems with the shipping carrier you use. Then there are things like follow-up emails after a transaction is completed where you knew they needed improvement, but weren’t aware of the extent until you completed a survey.

3) You Can Get Ahead of Your Competition

Online survey software also allows you to get ahead of your competition through the comments and suggestions you get from the client satisfaction survey. You can ask your clients specific questions about ways you can improve, which not only helps your own business, but has the potential to let you go beyond what your competitors currently offer.

4) The Survey Results Tell You How Your Team is Doing

From your perspective, it might seem like your client service team is doing a good job, but you should also hear this directly from your clients. Unless you are monitoring them 24/7 during working hours, it is hard to know exactly what the impact your client service team is having on your customers. With a good survey, you can find out which team members are delivering and which might need some additional training.

5) You See Purchasing Habit Trends

The survey software may also give you insight into what the current and future purchasing habit trends are. For example, you can have a question asking what type of device the client used to purchase the product. Where previously computers were primarily used, you might now find that more customers are using their smartphone or a tablet computer.

Remember to keep the questions short and simple, don’t require any of the questions to be answered, and announce the survey results to get attention of more people.
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