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Five reasons to conduct a staff survey in your organization

Posted on 4/29/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

How engaged and happy is your staff? If you're not sure,it's probably a good idea to consider conducting an online survey software foremployee engagement. And if you can conduct your survey tool anonymously, evenbetter. If you're not measuring employee engagement, how are you supposed toimprove it?

Here are five reasons you should conduct a staff survey inyour organization:

1. Surveys Provide Your Staff the Opportunity to Be Heard

When you don't conduct regular surveys, you're sending themessage you don't care about the opinions of your employees. By implementingsurvey software, you're allowing them to express their voice. An anonymousstaff survey makes it possible for your staff to provide honest feedback, andemployees don’t have to worry about repercussions then, even if justperceived..

Afterall, how often do you think your employees will walkinto your office and say:

- They won't recommend the company's products or service

- Their manager isn't showing them respect

- They're not being paid enough

- The benefits aren’t as good as competitors

- With employee engagement surveys, they can express theseissues freely.

2. Helps Create Impact

A well-executed and conducted staff survey helps yourorganization create impact since it increases the main focus areas, likeemployee engagement and improves organizational performance. When you makeimprovements employees offer, you can help to energize employees, resulting inemployee performance and organizational success.

3. Offers Valuable Insights and Data

Once your staff completes your survey tool, you'll haveaccess to a wealth of valuable insights and data. For instance, you can measurehow many employees:

- Are seeking different jobs

- Are experiencing too much work pressure

- Are dissatisfied with their employee benefits

- Are committed and loyal to your organization

- Are happy with the way management is handling the day-to-dayoperations and long-term goals of the company

4. Improves Organizational Performance

When you've highlighted certain organizational challenges,you can facilitate a process of improvement and change. When your surveysoftware uncovers the best practices, you can share this information throughoutyour organization. This can help improve organizational performance and createimpact. Plus, employees are very receptive in a positive way when managementacts upon the feedback they provide.

5. Determine Organizational Weaknesses

A staff survey can also be used as a diagnostic tool for indicating your company's strengths and weaknesses. When your employeesunderstand their day-to-day work processes, they can provide you with helpfulinformation about daily operations and what improvements can be made. You mayeven be enlightened by factors you weren’t even aware of.

With a staff survey, you can figure employee sentiment outeasily. Surveying your whole team can help you, on average, quickly figure outhow your staff feels about the company, products and their job, including theareas they like and dislike. They can turn around and share this information soyou can get to work at making the necessary adjustments and improvements.Remember too, that it's important to conduct staff surveys regularly.

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