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Five reasons its time to implement survey research in your start up business

Posted on 1/2/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Survey research is all about the gathering of valuable information obtained by asking people questions either on paper, on the phone, in person, or online. But, traditional paper surveys are declining since there's now online survey software that takes its place and is much more convenient for both parties. And, if you think about it, collecting data online is simpler than having to print out hundreds of surveys, track down the respondents addresses, mail the surveys and then cross your fingers that all the respondents will take the time to fill them out and mail them back in. With an online survey tool, all you do is send out a link which the respondents can simply click on, fill out the survey and email it back to you.

But, why should you implement survey research in your start-up business?

1. Gather Important Data

When done correctly, surveys can collect a lot of data on people's behaviors and opinions you can use to make essential decisions. If you would like information for market research for a particular product or perhaps research into industry trends, this is a great opportunity to conduct a survey. As you collect the data, you'll have immediate access to real-time answers to your very selective questions as the respondents hit that submit button.

2. Dependable

Online surveys through survey software provide anonymity, making it more inviting for respondents to answer honestly and provide more candid answers. When answers are more honest, you receive valid data you can work with to make necessary improvements.

3. Feedback

Surveys are great for obtaining input from customers about your product or service. You can gauge customer satisfaction by sending out a survey every three months. Learn how your consumers are using your service or product, ask about new feature ideas and record any general feedback. What you learn from your customer's input, you can put to good use.

4. Learn Industry Trends

Learning about industry trends through surveys will place valuable information in your hands you can analyze to come up with new ideas and improvements not only for your products and services, but customer satisfaction and loyalty as well. This is especially crucial for newly formed companies that are trying to make headway in an industry, particularly if its an already saturated industry.

5. Give Voice

When unhappy, customers can either take their business somewhere else or they can voice their opinions and concerns. When you allow them to voice their concerns and you act on it, it shows them you care and are open to new suggestions on how to improve your company. Allowing this type of engagement could be the ultimate deciding factor of them spending their money with you or with your competitors.

Start-up businesses often face more challenges than existing, well-oiled businesses. These include fierce competition, lack of brand recognition, validation of products and services, and customer trust and loyalty. Survey research can help startups in all of these areas and more.
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