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Five questions to consider when using questionnaire software for online surveys

Posted on 5/27/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

In the business world, customer satisfaction is essential for success. If your customers aren’t happy, your sales will plummet and so will your success. But how do you find out how satisfied your customers are?

Online surveys are an indispensable tool for gauging customer satisfaction. They are an excellent way to collect data from the wide range of people that you serve. By using online survey software, you can easily find out what your customers think rocks about your business — and, perhaps more importantly, what they think could stand improvement.

However, when using a survey tool, you need to make sure that it is well-designed in order for it to serve its purpose, and in order for you to gain a real understanding of what you customers are thinking.

How can you ensure that the survey you use is functional and that you will be able to collect the information that you desire? By incorporating a set of easy to understand and interesting questions that will encourage your customers to share their experience and that are directly related to what it is that you want to gain from the survey.

So, how can you determine what type of questions to include on survey? Here are five questions to consider when generating your survey.

1. How can you make it interesting?

While using an online survey tool definitely simplifies the process of learning about your customers’ satisfaction, needs, and wants, grabbing their attention and making them want to participate in the survey can be challenging. When designing your survey, keep in mind that Web users have short attention spans. You need to grab their attention quickly in order to spark their interest.

2. How can you customize it?

Make your survey pop and your customers will have more interest in it. Dry, boring and mundane questions aren’t effective. Make your survey unique to your business and your customers will be more inclined to participate. This means including your logo, and potentially other branding uniqueness such as your brand’s colors.

3. How long should it be?

Short, sweet, and to the point; that’s the best formula for a successful online survey. The longer it is, the more likely your customers will lose interest and the more likely they won’t complete it. Too long, and you have a higher drop-out before completion rate.

4. How should you word the questions?

Use simple, easy to digest wording that your customers can understand and relate to. Skip using technical terms and industry jargon that participants may not understand as it will confuse them and disinterest them.

5. What should the layout be?

A simple layout is best. Avoid using decorative fonts, incorporating a ton of images and spacing the questions in an awkward manner, as this type of layout can confuse participants.

Have you ever deployed an online survey before using questionnaire software? If so, what worked for you and what didn’t? What would you add to this list?

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