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Five mistakes to avoid in designing your market survey

Posted on 4/18/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you're looking to know what people truly think about your company and products, the best way to find out is to just ask them. This normally means conducting a market survey for your prospects and customers to fill out.

There are a number of reasons why you would use market online survey software. These reasons include anything from trying to decide how you're going to position new products to identifying customer satisfaction overall. You may be conducting new research for things like supporting thought leadership content. Below are some mistakes to avoid when conducting your market research.

1. You don't know what you're looking for. You should already know the information you're looking for before you even implement your market survey software. Have your questions ready already for the information you're seeking such as:

- What are the customers' specific needs?
- How much money will customers be willing to spend on certain products?
- What are areas of your services would customers like to see improved?

2. You research the wrong group. You should have an idea of your target audience before you start to accumulate first-hand research from your respondents. For instance, you may be targeting a certain age group or location. Often companies make the mistake of collecting random information and it ends up not even applying to the needs of their business.

3. You don't offer enough options. Provide a variety of answer options in your marketing survey tool for your customers to answer. Of course, you can have 'yes' or 'no' survey questions, but you may also want to include open-ended questions where your respondents need to elaborate a little.

4. You make your survey too long. Drawn out surveys are perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Nobody wants to sit through pages and pages and answer hundreds of questions. Long surveys like this will only result in you losing your readers interest and commitment to your survey. They won't finish your survey or they'll simply jot down any random answer simply to get the survey over with. Keep your surveys precise, but short and sweet to reduce your survey abandonment rate.

5. You overspend. Marketing research doesn't have to cost you a fortune. However, many business owners, in their haste, do end up shelling out lots of money on the first marketing research company they come in contact with who promises to provide them with all information they desire from their focus group. While it’s okay to spend some money on an outside marketing firm, just be wise and do a little shopping around so you can find the best deal.

When constructing your next market survey via online survey software, be sure to avoid this common mistakes.
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