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Five drawbacks of not using a training evaluation survey

Posted on 6/2/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Whether for new hires or existing employees, training provides employers with the opportunity to expand the knowledge of their workers and ensures that they are well-informed and well-educated on new practices and policies.

As an employer, evaluating the effectiveness of your training efforts is vital for several reasons, including:
  • Whether or not the training program met your objectives and the needs of your employees.
  • What type of information it has offered learners.
  • What types of changes it has brought to the learners’ performance.
  • What benefits it has provided for your company.
The easiest and most effective way to evaluate your training efforts is by administering a training evaluation survey. Unfortunately, however, many companies fail to evaluate their training efforts, which is a serious downfall.

The top five drawbacks of not conducting a training evaluation survey with a survey tool include:

1) Lack of Application by Trainees

Though your employees said that they found your training program to be beneficial, when you conduct an audit, you find that there hasn’t been any progress in your employees performance, despite the efforts of your training program.

2) Not Aligning with Business Objectives

Your training program is supposed to be aligned with your specific business objectives; however, after evaluating the efforts of your training program at the end of a quarter, you find that your training program did not actually align with your set objectives.

3) No Feedback to Instructor

In order for a training instructor to provide effective training courses, she needs to know whether or not her training efforts were actually effective. If you aren’t assessing the effectiveness of your training programs with online survey software, your employees – and you – don’t have a way to provide useful feedback to the instructor.

4) Difficult to Make Your Future Training Programs Contextual

By using survey software to evaluate your training program efforts, you can discover how effective the efforts were to your current needs, and whether or not your training efforts need to be improved for future training sessions.

5) Unable to Measure ROI

Returns on Investment, or ROI, is vital to the success of your business. If you aren’t using a survey tool to measure the effectiveness of your training efforts, you can’t accurately measure your ROI, or whether or not what you spent on your training program was worth the investment.

By using online survey software to assess your training programs, you can more effectively measure the success of the program. As a business owner, this software can quickly gather and analyze your employees feedback regarding your training programs. With the information gathered from this software, you can make any necessary adjustment to future training programs to improve their efficiency and ensure your employees – and your company – are benefiting to the fullest.
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