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Five benefits of using an iPad survey software in your business

Posted on 9/29/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
`Ever since the iPad was introduced to the tablet market, it has asserted its dominance in every possible way. Since its debut in 2010, Apple has sold more than 425 million iPads, and more than 45 million in 2020 alone. This demonstrates how the iPad is the market leader in terms of mobile tablet penetration.

The iPad is a versatile device with various uses thanks to its ease of use, extended battery life, and attractive aesthetic elements. The iPad has revolutionized how customers obtain information, companies sell products, and even doctors perform medicine. And one of its most impressive features is its ability to influence the market


Using survey software loaded on an iPad for data collection boasts many advantages. The iPad is generally known for superb responsiveness (screen and all) and the overall user experience. These qualities make it perfect for employing iPad survey tools.

Highlighted below are five benefits of using an iPad survey in your business.

Conscious Support of the Environment

Using survey tools and software on iPad completely eradicates the use of paper in surveys and data collection. Less use of paper gives rise to fewer chances of littering spaces, increasing the chances of going green.

Field Research

While in the field conducting surveys and research, the traditional use of pen and paper is considered cumbersome and uncomfortable and even adds an element of risk when adding a laptop to the fray. An iPad has less weight and is super handy, qualities needed when undergoing field research.

Multiple Functions

An iPad can do the work of pen and paper and more. A few of these functions are getting things on video, taking voice recordings, telling the time, and even showing directions with a compass (without an internet connection!). Goodbye to wristwatches on field trips and excursions. And since some of these times can be time-limiting, it adds to the merits of an iPad.

Hospitality and Retail Industry

Imagine going into a restaurant and being asked to write down, before leaving, your feedback and experience of the services offered. Writing down would be such a bore, wouldn’t it be? Loyalty program registrations, customer feedback, live feedback, and the video experience where the body language of the patrons can all be offered on an iPad survey. How cool is this?

On-the-Spot Surveys

With an iPad survey, all responses and feedback can be captured in real-time without fearing data loss. All needed information is supplied in real-time and can be accessed as soon as possible, unlike in the conventional pen and paper method, where surveys might have to be mailed or sent to a separate location.


There are many more benefits that can be accrued from using a survey tool on iPads which are not listed in this article. This shows how versatile and penetrative the iPad has been since its introduction to the market by Apple in 2010. However, there exist tons of online survey software in the market waiting for its use on iPad. Find out and take advantage of it.
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