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Five benefits of implementing a workplace survey

Posted on 3/21/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Without a doubt, companies benefit by conducting workplace surveys. Surveys provide you with a way to collect valuable data about certain aspects of your company. They help you gauge employee perceptions and attitudes about anything from your business practices and leadership style to your employees' satisfaction with your benefits and compensation package. 

Conducting surveys in the workplace show your employees you value their opinions and input. They help to build employee morale, particularly if you actually implement a suggestion they made in a survey. Employees will realize they do have a say in the operation of the company and this, in turn, leads to a decreased turnover and increased loyalty.

Below are five benefits of implementing a workplace survey.

1. Offers Anonymity

Often staff members don't want to be open about their true opinions out of fear of being reprimanded, criticized or terminated. They might worry about the notion of if they speak up, it might derail their chances for a promotion.

Anonymity of workplace online survey software allows you to get insightful and honest feedback from your employees about things they wouldn't be comfortable talking openly with you about. This is particularly valuable when your survey allows employees space to elaborate on their response to certain questions.

2. Learn About Needed Change

Conducting a survey tool encourages staff members to make suggestions about any changes they'd like to happen in the workplace. Your employees are in the trenches day-in and day-out and they can tell you specifics about what’s working ― and what’s not. Use the results of the survey to assess the behaviors, reasonable goals and culture for the work atmosphere.

3. Offers Valuable Insights and Data

After results of your survey software come in, you'll have access to valuable insights and data. Surveys allow you to see things like employee commitment and engagement levels, the number of employees who feel pressured at work or how many are searching for different employment.

4. Measures Employee Satisfaction

Many employers use workplace surveys to measure employee satisfaction. They can collect information on things like:

- Job satisfaction
- Work-related conditions
- Benefits and compensation
- Retention and turnover
- Company policies
- Work hours
- Recognition and promotions
- Leadership

Surveys help you obtain employee opinions and perceptions you can address and hopefully improve.

5. Evaluates Workplace Climate

A survey like this can help you assess your company's strengths and weaknesses from a company-wide perspective. Gather employee feedback about the company's environment. Gain insight on how staff members receive changes made and their views of management and leadership. Measure employee commitment and understanding of your company's vision and mission.

A well-conducted workplace survey can help your organization create impact by improving organizational performance and increasing employee engagement. Surveys to this day are still an effective method to gain employee insight and make improvements to your company.

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