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Finding your best prospects through a prospect analysis survey

Posted on 7/15/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
To evaluate your prospect's authority, you might look at various factors that you should be measuring when you're deciding a prospect's importance. Marketing and sales can be a huge guessing game without some help along the way.

Some companies devise methods for acquiring prospects and get to work on them, even when they're not quite certain if their efforts are actually paying off. They simply assume their marketing methods are working if their sales increase and they continue moving forward with them. If they're not seeing any improvement, they continue tweaking until they close more sales.

However, thanks to technology like prospect analysis online survey software, you have the ability to see exactly what your marketing methods are doing. Using data analytics, you can monitor your customers' and prospects' activities and associate them with specific sales efforts. Businesses that aren't embracing this technology and type of survey tool might find they are coming behind their competition.

Here are several ways you can use prospect analysis surveys to find your best prospects and improve sales.

1. Sort Out Prospects

You can sort through prospects through tracking factors and rearrange them accordingly. Then you can add statuses, tags, and notes to follow-up with them easily. You can prioritize high priority prospects work, and work through your list from most potential for conversion to least.

2. Predict Prospect Behaviors

Predictive analytics are being touted as the next big thing and are particularly useful for sales teams. The technology will allow your business to collect information and predict future events based on past behavior. If your company has sold a specific type of product, for example, predictive analytics can help you look at the interactions of past customers and predict where future product sales will go.

Rather than wasting time calling all your leads that have the chance of not even being interested, you can use predictive analytics to pull your most reliable leads from a list and call those instead.

3. Update Prospects Data

To evaluate the authority of your prospects, you might check certain factors that play into the measuring and calculation when you're figuring out the importance of prospects. This can include things, like social media presence or email click through rates.

4. Going Beyond Online Data

Remember, prospect analysis isn’t just limited to online data, though it’s certainly essential. It can be useful in things like tradeshows, event bookings, service calls, and more. It can help not only develop a better sales strategy for acquiring new customers, but also tweak marketing activities to strengthen current customer relationships.

Analytics survey software can help you learn more about your sales and marketing efforts and help you avoid wasting critical time on ineffective activities. When you can learn as much as possible about the way your prospects and customers are interacting with your sales teams and product and services you can develop completely-informed email messages and pitches that lead to more sales and profits for your company.
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