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Feedback surveys help avoid a product redesign disaster

Posted on 12/22/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you're in, every organization needs to keep improving customer satisfaction levels in order to grow. Feedback surveys help entities obtain opinions about an existing product, service, or product. Feedback surveys uncover what clients and customers feel is important in their relationship with you and how they rate your entities performance as it relates to them.

Feedback surveys are an integral survey tool by which a business can accumulate critical insight into customer concerns, likes, and dislikes. In today's fast-paced and highly competitive environment, obtaining both qualitative and quantitative data about how your business is perceived is key to obtaining a competitive advantage over the competition.

Using online survey software, feedback surveys are easy to develop and implement, especially when they are administered via an online web-based survey. Yet, they are a powerful way for entities of all kinds to hear from their key participants to identify and learn about what works well and what needs strengthening. In this way, negatives can be turned into positives, and positives can be promoted. As an interconnected market research survey tool, they also can bring to light potential impediments that may be threatening vital customer relationships.

Inspired by the customer service satisfaction industry, the feedback survey tool has many applications and uses, including:

  • Product feedback surveys: What features work on your product and which miss the mark? What features are customers willing to pay more for? Which features should not be dismissed?
  • Company feedback surveys: Do you really know how your company is perceived in the market?
  • Event feedback surveys: Was your company's event a success? What did participants like? What didn't they like?
  • Employee feedback surveys: What's your corporate culture from an employee standpoint? How can you measure training effectiveness? How does your compensation and benefits package rate?
  • Customer loyalty: What makes a customer loyal to your products or services? What would entice them to stay?

Feedback surveys developed through online survey software are also a must-have in the development of new products and services or the enhancement of existing products and service lines. Otherwise, how do you know that you are making the right decisions and choices regarding new product features and enhancements?

Consider the recent example with the Coca-Cola's new white coke can. The company was essentially forced to pull the new white cans off the market early due to consumer backlash and confusion. Among the reasons of the disgruntlement: Consumers thought the new can looked too much like the silver Diet Coke can. The white cans were supposed to raise awareness for endangered polar bears, and be marketed through early next year. Instead, they created mayhem and confusion. Some diabetics are even reported to have drank the new white can coke thinking it was diet coke. This recent consumer adverse reaction is on the heals of the 1985 product change when the company rolled out a New Coke in lieu of Classic Coke.

In any event, these events highlight what could happen if you choose to forego -- or poorly plan and execute -- market research via an online feedback survey software in the design or enhancement of a new or existing product.

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