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Features of an advanced web online survey tool

Posted on 8/27/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

An online survey tool is a cost-effective way of collecting data, deploying surveys, analyzing results, and reporting on those results in an easy-to-use interface. While survey tools have similar basic features, what sets one web survey tool from another is the advanced features inherent in the online survey software.

Go Beyond the Basics

The basic online survey software enables you to define and build your survey questions, and then send your target respondents a link to provide their feedback to their survey online. However, more sophisticated and advanced functionality of online survey software can be quite useful when you're interested in going beyond the basics.

What types of features might be useful?

Below is just a partial list of the sophisticated features that are available when using an advanced web survey tool:

  • question randomization
  • multilingual surveys
  • advanced email tracking in real time
  • piping, branching and skip logic
  • supports multiple users with roles
  • customized branding with logo and colors
  • customized reporting with charts
  • security (https access and support for secure socket layer)

For example, skip logic is valuable when deploying complex surveys as it enables respondents to skip a whole series of questions that may not apply to them. For instance, if a respondent answers "no" to question number 3, he or she skips to question 10. This helps improve the survey's dropout rate.

Advanced Analysis and Reporting Features

One of the primary distinguishing factors between basic survey tools and one that have more advanced features lies in the analyzing and reporting of data collected. Collecting data from respondents is one thing, but understanding the meaning behind the results is another.

A sophisticated survey tool enables users to not only download the results into Excel and view graphs and charts of the data, but also enables cross tabulation of the results in order to see relationships among questions or sets of questions.

Choose the Right Web Survey Tool

Whether you are collecting website visitor feedback, conducting in-depth marketing research studies, measuring the customer satisfaction of your help desk, or conducting employee evaluations, utilizing an advanced survey software online application includes the sophisticated features needed to obtain the insights you need to improve your business. It's a great option for not only for small and medium-sized organizations, but an even better option for large organizations that span across multiple cultures, countries, and languages.

An advanced web survey tool built with online survey software is designed to enable users to collect effective, accurate, and usable data in an efficient and quick way. Understanding your customers better can help you gain a larger share of the market.

Designing a survey that provides the most meaningful results can be complicated. For this reason, why not benefit from a company that has proven experience in survey design, survey deployment, and survey reporting?

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