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FAQs about assessment surveys using survey software

Posted on 4/4/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
It's time to determine what training you need to develop to help your employees accomplish company objectives. This is where an assessment survey can help. Chances are, however, you probably have questions about this survey tool and how to conduct one successfully.

Here are some common FAQs and answers about assessment surveys. Let's start with the basic question:

Q. What's an Assessment Survey?

A. Assessment surveys are a way to question members of a group or organization to identify the most critical needs for that collective. The survey results will then be a guide for you to take action by focusing on the most important needs first.

For instance, if you wanted to identify important needs in the workplace, assessment surveys can help you determine and develop the type of training your employees will benefit from. It looks at organizational and employee skills, abilities and knowledge to identify any areas or gaps of need. After you identify your training needs, you then have to determine/develop goals the training will accomplish.

Q. Why Should You Implement Assessment Survey Software?

A. Survey tools like this helps your organization accomplish its goals. It decreases gaps between required department and job skills and employee skills. Training needs assessment surveys can also form the benchmark for determining how effective the training is you’re administering.

Then after you perform the training, you can re-administer the survey to see if there's an increase in skills and performance as measured by the survey. Surveys are rarely a “do one and done” tool. To gain the most benefit, it’s helpful to conduct assessment surveys at strategic intervals.

Q. When Should You Use Assessment Surveys?

A. Surveys, as an assessment tool, should be conducted when you need to draw fairly quick conclusions about a target population's perceptions. They can target a great number of individuals in a brief amount of time and generally produce data that's simple to analyze.

Q. What Steps Do You Need to Take with an Assessment Survey?

A. The steps are:
- Collect and analyze data.
- Design (goals, plan, and success measures).
- Test (prototype the tool and process).
- Implement (collection measures and as needed, update).
- Evaluation and analysis (review data and feedback collected).

Q. What if You Don't Have Time to Conduct a Survey?

A. It's likely you do have the time. But, the amount of time you require varies. If you were looking to conduct a full-scientific survey, it could take over a year to collect, tabulate and write up the data. However, this is really not  the time investment we're talking about. You can gather information in hours. And, with online survey software, you can reduce your time even more.

Hopefully, these FAQs about assessment surveys help to demystify what they are, their benefits, and why you should implement them via survey software.
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