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Event planning survey using online survey software dos and donts

Posted on 11/2/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A survey tool is an indispensable asset to use when you are planning an event. Surveys help you gather helpful information before and after an event — even during an event. When you use an event planning survey properly, it can help assure the success of your event by allowing you to understand participant reactions during your event, gauge their expectations and measure how effective your message is after the event concludes.

Below are some things you should keep in mind, however, when using surveys for your events to get the most out of them.

Send your Survey Before you Plan your Event

Before you plan your next event, use your survey software to gauge the preferences and interests of people who may attend your event. Send out your survey to your guest list in advance to use the results of your surveys to help with your planning process. You can also use surveys to promote your event and get an idea of what the headcount will be before you plan.

Don't Forget the Design of your Survey

Your survey design process is similar to writing that perfect research paper. You need to do a little research and ask some questions before you write about your research. You have to break down your research into manageable pieces. Crafting a survey is no different. Ask yourself some powerful questions before you write out your survey questions. For instance, what are you hoping to learn? What is the survey's purpose? How will the information you receive help influence your decisions?

Collect Information at your Event Booth

Set up a computer station or kiosk to collect your attendee's contact information when they come visit your booth. Online survey software will help you stand out from the rest and help your support team back at the office prepare and send follow up correspondence to your booth visitors before the event is over.

Ask for Feedback From Attendees After your Event

Getting back feedback about your event is important to determine whether or not it was a success. Conduct a survey after your event and ask your participants to share their opinion on the overall event, the speakers, the content and the facilities. By doing this, you can tweak future events accordingly to meet your audience's ever-changing needs.

An event planning survey allows you to keep the lines of communication open with your event participants by discovering what they're looking for, gathering their feedback, and encouraging their participation. It helps you to continue improving on your events with each successive one. When your events are great, positive word-of-mouth gets around, increasing your event participation rates.

Survey software provides you with the tools to craft the best surveys for your events so you get quick results that you can use to take appropriate action.
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