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Errors you might be making on your online customer survey

Posted on 5/4/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Designing and curating online customer survey questions is an art, believe it or not. However, significant errors are bound to be made without the proper techniques, discipline, experience, or knowledge.

You're probably already using market research surveys or customer surveys to assess your company's success or analyze your market, but are you getting the most out of them?

Customer surveys not only help you get a feel for your market, but they can also assist you to keep your current clients and improve their satisfaction. Surveys with well-written questions have a higher completion rate and provide more accurate and valuable data. How you phrase your questions can influence how your respondents think about the issue and perhaps lead to unintentional inaccuracies in their responses.

Have you ever noticed how technology simplifies a variety of tasks? Twenty or thirty years ago, you had to hire a research firm to do surveys. But when surveys went online, you could cut a lot of the "expense" out with the numerous survey solutions available. However, just because you have a survey tool doesn't mean you won't make mistakes.

Writing a good survey might be difficult, but you'll have an excellent survey in no time if you avoid these common online survey writing mistakes.

Five Common Mistakes Made in Your Customer Survey

#1. Asking confusing or misleading questions.

If you want your customer survey questions to be productive, they should pose a precise and pointed inquiry. When a consumer filling out the survey is confused by the question, they are unlikely to respond in a way that is valuable to you.

#2. Using lengthy questions.

Another mistake you could make in your customer survey is to ask overly long or wordy questions. When the questions are too long, it's easy to lose their meaning. Furthermore, when the questions are overly long, the respondent may become overwhelmed or lose focus. Short, direct, and to-the-point questions are the most effective.

You can use an online survey tool with a limit on the number of words that can be attributed to each question.

#3. Not asking the right questions.

Just because many companies want a bulky survey, they ask the wrong questions. Asking the wrong questions will not benefit your business because you will not receive the right feedback. You will get many answers that will not be useful in knowing more about your customers. You will also be left with unsatisfied customers.

#4. Using multiple yes/no questions.

Because yes/no questions only return one of two possible answers, they provide less detailed information than response scale or multiple-choice questions. You won't be able to get extensive answers from the customers with only two possible answers. The best approach to asking the survey questions is by including phrases with the "How" question.

#5. Not testing your survey.

Testing your survey is an essential step in the survey software process. It's a method that assesses the survey's effectiveness. It's also an excellent technique to find programming mistakes and fix them before your target audience notices them.

When you test and access your survey, you will be able to notice grammar, spelling, question structure, and logic issues. To get feedback on your questionnaire and enhance it, ask your coworkers to test and assess it.


Respondents are busy and may easily become distracted. Using an effective survey software tool can help you put into place the right survey structure and get answers to your most important brand, customer, market, and product questions. It can also help spot survey errors.
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