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Employee survey types using online survey software

Posted on 4/26/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
An effective tool that owners and managers of an organization can use to help them strengthen their business and improve relations with their staff members is an employee survey. There are different types of surveys you can conduct to gather information allowing you to learn about issues like decreased productivity, low morale and employee attrition that is affecting your business.

Below are four different types of employee research surveys for you to consider implementing in your business.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

This survey provides you with general feedback from your employees to evaluate various workplace satisfaction areas, such as:

- Views of Human Resources
- Job Satisfaction
- Causes of Retention or Turnover
- Views of Benefits and Pay
- Intent to Leave or Stay
- Views on Diversity
- Views on Policies
- Opportunities for Career Advancement or Promotion

This type of survey is usually a little longer than most and often can have as many as 120 questions. This survey tool is analyzed and prepared with an interpretive summary. It helps you understand how you can attract new talent and issues that may be contributing to poor employee retention.

Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey generally gathers information about how well your employees connect with the business and their level of enthusiasm. You can measure their motivation levels to learn their intent of staying or to improve your company.

This survey should help you learn and understand what is positively or negatively affecting your employee’s engagement. After learning this information, you can create reports that will make it easier for you to help others understand this information. When you know what drives employee engagement, you can take the necessary actions to create a better business culture.

360 Feedback Survey

The 360 feedback survey is another survey you can have on your online survey software. It has two parts. The first part is where you ask for feedback on the behavior and performance of your employees. This survey tool is sent to supervisors, co-workers and even customers in some cases.

The other part asks your employees to self-assess their own behavior and performance and respond to the other's feedback. You and your employees can learn how they view themselves and how others view them. It may even provide improvement suggestions. It also helps each of your employees recognize their own successes and strengths and how their work is appreciated.

Employee Exit Survey

This employee research helps you learn details of why staff members are leaving, where they are going to and how they felt about working for your organization. You can make the information you receive more useful by being able to code or customize questions for both regrettable and non-regrettable exits.

The data you get from the feedback of employee surveys will help you to make improvements and boost productivity from all areas of your business. It's simple to create surveys using survey software and quickly send the surveys, collect information, and analyze so you can streamline your business.
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