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Employee exit surveys vs stay interviews

Posted on 8/18/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
One unchangeable aspect of running a business is employees coming and going. Although they can be uncomfortable, figuring out why an employee wants to leave is a good idea. After all, you interviewed prospective employees and asked them why they were so interested in joining your business - why not prospective departing employees?

Conducting stay interviews and exit surveys using online survey software and survey tools is essential to gaining information about the work environment you have cultured in your company and how your employees feel when working for you.

What is A Stay Interview?

A stay interview is a meeting where employees are asked why they are still with the company. Stay interviews (whether using survey software or not) help pinpoint the dangers associated with retaining staff and identify what is being done well on the part of an employer.

Stay interviews are employed with existing staff to assess job fulfillment and improve performance. They allow you to find out what existing staff like and don't like and how this can be changed and improved upon.

Benefits of Stay Interviews

1) Building employee confidence in employers

Through these interviews and exchanges, employees will feel drawn towards your manner of caring about their feelings and thoughts and how they are handled at work. Employees will trust more after these interviews.

2) Increase job satisfaction

Stay interviews help convince employees that you want the best for them even beyond their time in your company and are interested in the best for them. Employees who undergo the stay interviews physically or using online survey software will feel more appreciated and cared for, positively influencing job fulfillment.

What is an exit survey?

The exit survey refers to an interview or survey done using survey tools whereby the interviewer is interested in knowing why an employee has decided to leave the company.

This interview is performed to determine the main reasons why the employee wants to exit the company.

Benefits of Exit Interviews

1) Employee Turnover Reduction

The exit survey usually assesses the main problems associated with the sudden departure of the said employee(s).

Once these critical issues are recognized, the interviewer will either employ a mollifying tactic or allow the person to move on. This means that an employee who leaves the company will understand that the employer rates them highly (irrespective of their decision) and respects their determination and honesty at work.

This can change the perspective and, ultimately, the decision of the employee. The interviewer then guarantees that the disgruntled staff is now satisfied and makes a decision not to leave. If the staff is seen as too valuable to be let go, the mollifying tactic is always the best approach. As a result, an experienced employee is saved, and the rigors of recruiting new employees are avoided.

In principle, therefore, the primary purpose of exit surveys and interviews is to reduce staff turnover.

2) Reduces the likelihood of Lawsuit Issues

One of the main aspects of the exit survey is to reduce and maybe avoid the possibility of the company being taken to court by the leaving staff.

An employee exit survey tool, therefore, helps the employer or company as a whole to eliminate this possibility. To this end, the interviewer concludes with the inferences made from the survey software and/or interview relating to the company ethics, staff relationships and prepares a report based on this, which will be addressed to the employer for any incoming litigations and law-related issues.

The Bottom Line

There is no reason to check which is better, other than the fact that stay interviews have a more proactive approach, as they focus on solving problems and maintaining employment before leaving the company. In contrast, exit surveys and interviews are considered more reactive and are only beneficial after the said employee has decided to leave. Each of these interviews is useful in its own right. Deciding on which one to use is the actual critical decision to make.
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