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Employee engagement survey using survey software

Posted on 7/1/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Employee engagement is known as the emotional commitment that an employee has to the company and its objectives. Engaged employees actually care about the company they work for and the work they do.

They are not just working to receive a paycheck or promotion, but rather working towards the goals of the company. Generally, when the employee cares and is engaged, she will usually put out more than a mandatory effort.

Why is Employee Engagement Essential?

Organizations care about the quality of the products they sell, the services they promote, and the revenue they bring in. They also care about their customers and if they are having a positive experience. A proven driver of all these things is employee engagement since the employees are more creative and productive.

Why is Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey a Good Idea?

Measure Employee Engagement

Measuring how engaged your employees are is the main reason to use online survey software. This survey tool measures the key components of engagement inside your company, allowing you to determine whether or not your employees are engaged or disengaged.

Even though there are not standard components of engagement, some common evaluated factors include: recognition, advancement, job role, pay and benefits, leadership, development and training opportunities, work environment and so forth.

Increases Employee Engagement

After you have determined engagement of your employees, you can move on to creating an action plan for increasing engagement. The data gathered through your assessment will enable you to determine the strengths as well as opportunities for enhancing the engagement in your company.

You can then come up with an engagement plan that is company-wide and focuses specifically on the action areas of each business sector. Once you have determined the changes to set forth, you can then move forward in setting priorities, determining resources and creating a schedule to implement the actions.

Benchmark Results

Survey software for conducting an employee engagement survey enables you to benchmark the data to compare later on. You can compare particular results with industry-specific data to understand how your organization performs with other related organizations. You can also determine if issues are industry-wide or specific to your company only.

What are the Differences in Employment Engagement Surveys and Other Surveys?

What you find inside an employee engagement survey tool is much different from traditional employee surveys since there is much more measured in engagement than satisfaction and happiness. Reporting, however, makes up the biggest difference.

The reporting that is used for employee engagement is refined since managers need to be able to determine engagement successes and issues in order to determine exactly where they are in the company. They require interactive, individualized dashboards, and practical hierarchical reporting. This enables managers to really drill down into the information they receive, for instance, comparing regions, divisions, and teams.

They can locate areas of low and high engagement quickly to enable them to determine whether something is common or confined to a specific group. Hierarchical reporting additionally provides managers with the data needed to decide which levers they should pull for fixing problems and creating more engaging and stronger employees.

Overall, in order to be a success in the marketplace, you first have to be a success in the workplace. Employee engagement plays an important role in this and in achieving a high-performing atmosphere.

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