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Employee Benefits Survey Finds Employers Are Finds Employers Are Beefing Up Mental Health Benefits

Posted on 12/22/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year, the way forward for some workers remains uncertain, with many continuing to work from home as corporate regulations evolve. According to a survey, many firms have increased mental health and other benefits to support their employees. According to a survey published by Kaiser Family Foundation, more than one third of companies of more than 1,000 workers reported an increase in use of mental health services by their employees.

Employee benefits play an important role in employee satisfaction, and employee benefits surveys are an essential part of knowing employee requirements, wants, and needs. What's more, some employees may be unaware of all the perks that their organization provides; therefore, these surveys keep employees informed about the company's benefits when shared with them.

What is an employee benefits survey?

Employee benefits surveys are questionnaires distributed to employees yearly to determine which benefits are most important to them. These surveys inquire about the quality of certain benefits, how they compare to other organizations, and any future benefits that employees would want to see. This can include annual leave, health insurance, vacation time, free meals, parental leave, retirement, stock options, and other benefits.

It's also a great way to ensure that your perks and benefits are performing their job, which is to keep your staff happy and bring their best self to work.

Employers will be supplied with a detailed look at changes in employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, cost-sharing provisions, employee contributions, offer rates, wellness programs, and company practices, using an online survey software tool.

What are the reasons why employers are using employee benefits surveys?

1. Surveys, conducted with the help of a survey software tool, are an excellent opportunity for employees to share their perspectives and experiences. Because of their confidentiality, employee benefits surveys, in particular, can improve trust and lessen the stigma surrounding mental health.

2. When businesses fail to assist their employees in coping with the stress that workloads, coworkers, and bosses may bring, employee engagement and mental health may suffer. Employee benefits surveys aid in measuring engagement, which is the strength of employees' mental and emotional attachment to their employment.

3. One of the most significant benefits of conducting employee benefits surveys is the potential for improved morale. Most employees want to be heard and know that their thoughts are valued. Employees will be more loyal and committed to the firm if they believe you care about their well-being.

4. Employee benefits surveys allow employees to express themselves, which is especially important if they are hesitant to share their opinions openly.

It is critical for a company's success to provide outstanding employee benefits. They can promote employee loyalty, increase recruitment efforts, and demonstrate to employees that you care about their well-being. Employee benefits are so important that more than 79 percent of workers choose them over a pay raise. To learn what benefits your employees value the most, conduct an employee benefits survey using a survey tool.

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