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Email surveys are easy to set up manage using online survey software

Posted on 10/19/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The internet has changed the landscape of survey research. Traditionally, when organizations needed to determine the pulse of existing or prospective customers, they needed to labor through the tedious and time-consuming process of picking up the phone and calling each and every customer. Or, they had to mail out a boatload of questionnaires in hopes that they would get even a fraction of them back.

In this digital age, however, email surveys offer significant time savings -- and cost savings -- over the traditional survey tool methods. In a nutshell, email surveys, built with email survey software, include an active hyperlink within the email. When the respondent clicks on the link, he is redirected to an survey software page. The respondent’s survey responses are also stored on a dedicated, secure server. Once all survey data is collected, the survey software can generate various types of reports for the survey administrator. Email surveys make it easy and convenient for respondents to take surveys with minimal effort.

Email surveys deployment is uncomplicated and easy-to-manage, thanks to email survey software. Email online survey software has built-in applications for survey invitations, email address book lists, customizable email address imports, and a whole lot more. Using the email survey tool, survey generators can customize and personalize their survey software with a comprehensive set of features. For instance, an email survey can be customized with a business logo, email address "from" name, and even multiple languages.

Email surveys are equipped with advanced survey logic too, with a comprehensive set of possibilities. For instance, a question list can be randomized, skipped, or have multi-condition requirements. An email survey makes it easy for you to target an audience based upon email address lists or target a specific portion of your email list database.

Email surveys provide a host of other benefits as well. They enable businesses to interact with their customers and open the door to customers, allowing them to express what's on their minds. They're also have the opportunity to gain valuable information and insight, enabling company leaders to make adjustments to products, marketing, or customer service. Through analyzing feedback from a survey software, the business marketer can spot trends in responses that may help the business gain a competitive advantage by getting an early jump on an upcoming trend.

Customer retention is another big draw for conducting email surveys. By deploying this type of survey tool, a business manager can dig deeper into areas such as customer service, product enhancements, and pricing to see what will keep his existing customers buying.

In some cases, feedback from customers can inspire innovative, new business, or product ideas. Sometimes, just asking the right questions can yield a plethora of information that is the stimulus for creativity.

Email surveys let your customers know that you are thinking about them, and that their needs and desires are important to you. Instead of continuously sending out emails that solicit a purchase from customers, an email survey soliciting their opinion can be a welcome change.

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