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Eight ways to measure event marketing success

Posted on 11/11/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Are you a meeting or event planner? If so, one of your biggest priorities is probably measuring the success of the meetings or events that you plan so that you can make the next meeting or event that you plan even more successful.

How can you measure the success of your event or meeting once it is over? An effective way to determine the success of the event or meeting that you planned is to set goals before it takes place and use those goals as tools to measure your success. Things like the number of people who attend the event, the satisfaction of attendees and the sales of a product that was introduced during the meeting or event, for example, are all things that can help you measure your success.

1. The satisfaction of your attendees. If your intention is to host a meeting that is fun, upbeat and informative, your success will lie in the satisfaction of the meeting’s attendees. How can you collect the feedback of your attendees? You can easily do so by emailing them a survey to complete or by monitoring the buzz about your event on social media.

2. The number of registrants. If the measurement of your success is based on the number of people who attended an event that you host every year, track your success by measuring the number of people who register from year-to-year and compare those numbers. If the numbers increase every year, then you can be sure that you are meeting your goal and that you are improving your success.

3. The monetary side of things. Another way to measure your success is by assessing your monetary gains. If your event was to promote a new product or service, sales of that product or service during or after the event is a great way to measure your success. Set a goal for the amount of money you hope to earn for the sale of that product or service as a result of the event and if you meet that goal, your mission was a success.

4. Look at the media. Are you trying to attain publicity for your business or for an individual? If so, monitoring the media is a great way to determine your success. Analyze all types of media, including television, radio, print and digital outlets and take notice of any mentions of your business or the individual that you were trying to gain publicity for. The more mentions, the more successful your event was.

5. Social media counts, too! Social media is yet another great way to analyze success. How many people shared, posted about or tweeted about your event? The more mentions on social media, the more success you had.

6. Knowledge/Information gained. Was the intention of your meeting or event to impart knowledge and inform? If so, you’ll be able to determine your success based on the amount of knowledge or information that was gained by those who were in attendance.

7. Compare against competitors. You could compare the results of your meeting or event with the results of a competitor’s. If you had higher attendees, raised more awareness or made more money than your competitor, for example, your meeting or event was a success.

8. Event evaluation survey. Last, but not least, you can use an event evaluation survey designed with online survey software. This survey tool helps you to obtain feedback from attendees in an objective, and if desired, anonymous way.
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