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Eight tips for creating a really worthwhile customer questionnaire

Posted on 8/11/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips
No matter the type of business, whether large-scale, small-scale, or even non-profits, an innovation, product, or service can thrive if the customer feedback is collated —and, of course, acted upon. Customers are product and service users, so it’s only logical that you get feedback from them and use it to improve your product or service quality.

Using online survey software or offline survey tools is a great way to collate extensive data and extract valuable information from the customer feedback survey or questionnaires. This article will show you tips on designing a proper customer survey or questionnaire online and advertently engage your customers.

1. Short surveys are more welcoming than long surveys

Most people who undertake online surveys prefer to use less than fifteen minutes of their time. Therefore, online surveys of more than twenty questions will most likely be ignored or left uncompleted. With your preferred online survey software, calculate ten minutes for each question and add up.

2. Let your questions be easy to comprehend

Remember, while preparing your survey questions with online survey software, let both questions and answers be short. Multiple-choice questions are easy to answer and be careful not to answer the question indirectly. A range of scale for answers is also advised, using opposite words such as negative and positive, or low and high. 1 could be the most negative, 10 being most positive, and 5 and 6 offering levels of indifference.

3. Arrange Questions Topically

Arranging your survey questions topically allows you to present general questions first, before going into details with the questions. Grouping questions that employ the same type of answer scale will allow for ease and speed when answering them.

4. Place Sensitive Questions At The End

Answering insensitive, impersonal questions will let the participant be more open to supplying personal info such as salary, age, and even the preferred type of toothpaste! Arrange your questionnaire in your customer feedback survey smartly, placing impersonal questions firstly, and then personal questions follow.

5. Avoid Inappropriate and Unrelated Questions

It is key to maintain focus with your questions. Let your end result lead your inquiries, to avoid unrelated leads cropping up in your online survey software. Prevent participants’ frustration by employing techniques, such as routing technology and survey logic, to design responsive and smart surveys. This way, the focus is achieved.

6. Assure Participants of Data Security

Telling your participants that their sensitive details (if supplied) will be protected and kept private. Introducing this into your online survey will definitely assure people and improve the customers’ response rate.

7. Spend Time On Your Design

An online survey that is aesthetically pleasing and is well displayed will record a higher rate of response than one which appears rushed and ill-designed. Give attention to fonts, writing style, colors, and obey design principles such as harmony during the survey design, introducing characteristics akin to your company logo or colors.

8. Use Videos and Short Animations

Including visual elements, such as graphic videos and animations, can help inspire and attract your participants and remember your survey, and, by extension, get interested in supplying the needed information. And with the next survey, you can ask what was interesting about the previous survey.


Using a survey tool or online survey software for your customer feedback survey can be very helpful and pragmatic. Choose one today!
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