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Eight customer feedback survey mistakes to avoid

Posted on 3/29/2017 by Elizabth in category: survey software articles
Customer feedback is important for the development and improvement of your company. That is, when you genuinely listen to your customers and act on their feedback. Online survey software can be a great way to gain insight into your customers and gives them a voice. However, it can also be easy for business owners or managers to make mistakes with this survey tool.

Mistake #1: Too Long

A common mistake with customer feedback survey software is the surveys are too long. This can tire and overwhelm your audience which can lead to an increase in drop-off rates. They may also become careless about how they answer your questions. Your survey software should not take your customers more than 15 minutes or you will see a decrease in your response and completion rates.

Mistake #2: Asking Too Many Open-Ended Questions

Having too many open-ended questions can also tire your audience. They may begin ignoring the questions and providing you with only brief or incomplete answers. You should limit your open-ended questions or use them only if multiple choice formats won't work.

Mistake #3: Not Allowing for Open-Ended Comments

While too many is not good, not having any at all is also not a good idea. Not only do you miss out on important feedback when your survey is only a series of multiple choice or yes/no questions, but you are not giving your customers a chance to speak what's on their mind.

Mistake #4: Making Every Question Mandatory

When every question is mandatory, you could come off as not respecting your customer. This style can also lead to false feedback if a customer doesn't know or doesn't want to answer a question.Allow the user to mark the question as not applicable instead.

Mistake #5: Providing Too Many or Too Little Choices

If you have too little choices, your respondent might feel forced to choosing an option that isn't representative. When you give your customers too many choices, however, it can become overwhelming and confusing to them. To avoid this, you should provide customers with a 'none' or 'other' choice.

Mistake #6: Not Displaying a Progress Indicator

A progress indicator lets your respondents know how far into the survey tool they are. When they can't see how much longer they have, they may drop out before they actually finish the survey. Often this happens when they unknowingly had only a few questions left and they would have completed the survey.

Mistake #7: Not Acting on the Results

Your customer feedback is essential for building a more customer focused and responsive company. Not only should you have surveys, but you should also have a system in place for reviewing and acting on them promptly.

Mistake #8: Not Doing Them Frequent Enough

This one is a balancing act. Although you don't want to survey your customers too often, you also want to be sure you are surveying them enough. Annual customer feedback surveys are good, but it might help you to provide more timely feedback by surveying at least a portion of your customers each quarter.
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