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Effective question types to use for online website surveys

Posted on 5/2/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

You know the importance of customer feedback. You realize that for you to evaluate your customers' loyalty and satisfaction, you need to get their feedback. And, to get this feedback, you'll need to create a survey using survey software. 

You can put the survey right on your website, known as a website survey, allowing your customers to offer their opinions and answer your questions right there while they're still on your site.

Once you figure out what type of survey tool you're going to use, your next task is to determine what question types you'll be using. Below are some examples of different question types.

Multiple Choice Questions

These types of questions provide your respondents with different answer choices. With multiple choice questions, there's either a single select answer option or a multi-select answer option. These are the survey's most basic questions where your respondents need to choose one or more answers from the answers you've provided.

Multiple choice question surveys are the easiest types of surveys for your respondents to fill out and the most popular. The information you get is simple to analyze and use to come up with some type of action.


Ranking questions on your survey asks your respondents to rank various answer options in terms of importance to them and relative priority. These types of questions provide you with qualitative feedback, but don't provide you with reason behind the choices your respondents made. You may use this question type to learn your customers' behaviors and needs to evaluate how they're using your service or product.

Rating Scale

Also, referred to as ordinal questions, rating scale questions ask your respondents to use a numerical scale to rate something. For instance, you may have a question that asks your respondents to rate on a scale of 1 through 10, how happy or satisfied they are with something.

These types of survey questions are useful in measuring progress over time. By sending the same rating scale group a few times throughout a certain period of time, you can measure any trending negative or positive sentiment.

Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions typically come with an empty text box your respondents will use to fill in their answers to your questions. Open-ended questions provide qualitative feedback that's useful in helping you interpret and understand customer challenges and sentiment. However, they're not the simplest data to interpret if you're looking to evaluate trends or changes in opinions.

Other question types include:

Checkboxes: These allow your respondents to choose more than one answer from your answer choices
Image choice: These ask your respondents to select one or more of your image answer choices
Star rating: These ask your respondents to use a visual scale of hearts, stars, similes or thumbs to evaluate a statement
Dropdown: These present your answer choices to your respondents in a dropdown list where they'll choose one answer

There are many other question types you can include in your online survey software. When you create your questions, don't make it easy for your respondents to opt out or provide answers like "not relevant" or "no comment". Remember, you're looking to get your respondents' opinions.

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