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Dos and donts of conducting an engagement survey

Posted on 9/14/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employee satisfaction only lets you know how content or happy your staff is. But, it doesn't address their levels of involvement, motivation, or emotional commitment. While some employees are satisfied with doing as little work as they can and collecting a paycheck, many require much more to stay satisfied. Therefore, it's important that you conduct an engagement survey to get this feedback. There are some do's and don'ts about how to go about it properly.

Do Ask about Leadership Behavior

Your managing style can make or break the engagement of your staff. Not only do you need to act ethically and treat your employees well, but you also need to be able to communicate well, articulate company values and follow up by taking the right actions. A good employee engagement survey tool will help with this.

Don't Forget to Include Engagement-Related Questions

You're probably curious about a lot of things and want to include it in your survey; however, if you're not asking engagement-related questions, you're detracting from the value of your survey and straying from your goal. It's an engagement survey; therefore, there should be plenty of questions on it to engage your employees.

Do Give Employees a Voice

Engagement survey software is important because it provides staff a way to enter open feedback. It opens up the opportunity for two-way communication and involving staff in the development process since you're giving them a direct voice.

Don't Leave it at Focus Groups and Meetings

In meetings and focus groups, employees may withhold important information. While you should conduct meetings and groups, you should focus them more on the results of your surveys and not the foundation of the overall strategy.

Do Take Action on Results

Once you’ve identified areas of improvements, you need to implement a plan to take action on making these improvements. Choose the highest priority items first to ensure you address the areas that will make the biggest difference in employee engagement.

Don’t Only Conduct One and Done

Employee engagement is a dynamic, evolving area. It changes over time, with industry trends and with new products and services your company launches. You’ll need to conduct employee engagement surveys periodically to keep abreast of the pulse of your employees and to see the effectiveness of improvement changes you’ve made.

Do Use Online Survey Software

The amount of time it takes to complete your survey project online is much shorter than when you use traditional paper surveys. Since you're gathering information automatically, you're not waiting for paper surveys to get back to you. Responses come almost instantly. Online surveys are cheaper and quicker to analyze. Just about everyone has access to the Internet and prefers answering surveys online rather than the phone.

Conducting an engagement survey is vital to your business success. However, to do it effectively, you might want to consider online survey software.
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