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Dos and donts for client satisfaction surveys

Posted on 11/29/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Whether your organization services businesses or sells directly to the consumer it’s essential to consistently measure client satisfaction. After all, customers and clients are the engine that fuels organization.

And, it’s a proven fact that high levels of customer satisfaction are likely to increase customer retention and customer loyalty. In fact, according to research, approximately nine people will recount a positive experience so they're family and friends. On the other hand, about sixteen individuals will mention a poor experience they’ve had from a business to their peers. That’s why it’s important to recreate positive experiences so that you can retain customers and attract new ones.

A client satisfaction survey can be just what your organization needs to gain insight that can be beneficial in creating a pleasurable experience for your clients. Check out these do’s and don'ts for producing quality surveys that get results.


Create quality surveys. Organizations can use online survey software to generate quality surveys. Companies can use a multiple choice question format, rating scale or yes/no inquiries. Whatever format you select, you’ll want to make sure that the questions are simple and can be easily answered by your clients.

Include open-ended feedback options. Be sure to include an area where clients can express themselves through text feedback. Yes, open text questions allow your customers to detail there experiences and even provide useful suggestions. While not every respondent will offer lengthy verbal comments, those that do might offer you valuable insight you wouldn’t have received otherwise.

Optimize for mobile devices. Use the survey tool of your choice to create surveys that have been optimized for mobile devices, including both those using the Android and iOS platforms. The increase in cell phone usage means that more than likely customers will be taking your surveys on their mobile devices.


Survey too often. While being consistent is essential for the long term, you’ll want to avoid surveying your customers too often. You’ll be surprised to learn that customers don’t mind providing their feedback, but they’ll most likely be put off by constant surveying every time they use your service.

Ask too many questions. Customers tend to abandon surveys that ask too many questions. Experts recommend keeping it short, between ten to fifteen questions. Find about three things you want your organization to focus on and form the questions around these factors.

Use complex jargon. Be careful not to use industry jargon in your client satisfaction surveys, or at least terminology that your respondents won’t understand. This will help you avoid confusing the respondents, and get meaningful feedback results.

Client satisfaction surveys can help you gather the information you need to improve your organization’s operation. Quality survey software can make it much easier to collect customer feedback data so that you avoid wasting time and money. But before you do, follow these do's and don'ts for client satisfaction surveys when implementing them in your organization.
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