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Dos and donts about conducting a consumer survey during COVID

Posted on 1/7/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

In trying times like these, you might be hesitant to send out any type of online survey software communication. You might be worried you are bothering consumers when you're reaching out to them at such a sensitive time. Fortunately, it might be mutually beneficial for you to check in with your customers and it can come across as you trying to maintain a healthy relationship with them. There is a right way to do it, however. Here are some do's and don'ts about conducting a consumer COVID-impact survey.

Do Stay on Point

You will want your survey tool to be short and sweet, which will help reduce your abandonment rate. Make sure your survey software isn't exploring multiple matters. You'll want to limit your survey to about 10 to 12 questions if you can. If you're looking for more extensive details, you might consider sending a follow-up survey. Just let your respondents know the number of questions in advance and the estimated time of completion.

Do Implement a Mobile Survey

Health protocols and social distancing have made in-person surveying, interviews, and focus groups challenging if not impossible. This doesn't mean you can't still collect essential data. Smartphones have made it very easy to reach people no matter where they live in the world. And, with various mobile survey applications at your disposal, it's now quicker and cost-effective to get your surveys out.

Do Utilize Cyber Security

When reaching out to people through an online application, it's important you keep their information confidential. You can instill more trust in those responding to your surveys by using a verified application. Many questions during this pandemic might be sensitive or health-related, therefore it's crucial your respondents feel like they can provide their answers safely. Offer your respondents the choice to choose "I prefer not to answer" and always reassure them you will maintain strict confidentiality as well as comply with GDPR, CDPA and other data regulatory acts.

Don't Ask Irrelevant Questions

Ensure you're asking only substantial and relevant questions. Remember, your consumers are having to cope with difficult times already so you'll want to be very cautious with what you ask and how you ask it.

Don't Forget Certain Questions

Make sure you're asking the right questions on your survey that will provide you with useful data about your services or product, such as questions like:

• What improvements can you make in your services?
• How essential are your services to your consumers?

Don't Make Your Survey Complicated

You can gain valuable insights by conducting a fun and easy survey. Complicated or difficult surveys don't generate great outcomes. Not to mention, many individuals won't complete long, drawn-out surveys.

During this sensitive time, many individuals are already comfortable filling out surveys because they're already getting them - mostly related to the coronavirus directly. So, the coronavirus crisis, for many businesses, means a huge reevaluation or pivot of their normal operations and this will require a lot of check-ins with their employees and customers.

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