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Ditch the comment cards for online hospitality surveys

Posted on 11/22/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
So, you're considering ditching the comment cards and moving on to hospitality surveys. After all, this would make it simpler to gather customer feedback right? So, what's your next step?

When you're in the business of hospitality, happy travelers and guests are what keep you going. A happy guest will come back and share their positive experience with others. Unfortunately, they'll also share their negative experiences too.

A survey tool is an efficient and fast way to discover what your customers really think. The feedback you get from them will help you plan your next move to provide them with the best possible experience. Hospitality surveys are an important evaluation, quality assurance and feedback tool for every area of your travel and hospitality company.

Benefits of Hospitality Surveys

There is a host of benefits of using your online survey software to send out surveys.

Client Experience

You can find out if your customers are enjoying their experience with your online booking service or travel agency. Is your company making it easy for them to travel? Surveys allow you to gain knowledge about the areas that could use some improvement and use this information to set goals and focus your investments.

Guest Stay

Through your survey software, you can find out if you're delighting your guests while they're staying at your retreat, hotel, inn or motel. Surveys give you the opportunity to use the information you gather to enhance your customer's' experience.

Tour Evaluation

Gain feedback on your getaway adventure, safari or package tour. What do your customers think about the cost and quality? Would they recommend your tour to others?

Things You Can Mention in your Hospitality Survey

1. Ask the Right Questions

When creating your survey, be sure you're asking the right questions. Some question ideas may be how satisfied your customers are with your hotel and what are they satisfied with — the price? Decor? Service?

2. Travel Agency Feedback

Ask your customers if they would rather book their holiday on the phone, in person or online. You can then turn around and tailor your service accordingly. Did the agency provide them with enough information about the holiday they chose?

3. Packages and Promotions

Are you really aware of exactly what your customers are looking for? Do they like to book hotel packages and flights? Do they wish to hire a car?

4. Value for Money

When people need to cut back on their finances, leisure and travel are usually the first things they give up. Therefore, you will want to find out if your customers perceive your hospitality service as value for money. Keep attracting new customers by staying competitive by finding out if you're providing an amazing and affordable service.

Now that you know what hospitality surveys can do for your company, your next step is choosing with survey tool will suit your company best. The goal here is to create interaction and engagement with your patrons and guests.
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