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Differences between an event planning survey and a pre-event survey

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Many people who are planning an event turn to online survey software to collect the thoughts of their attendees after the event. However, you'll likely find it helpful to collect feedback before your event so you can provide your attendees with what they want from your event.

Survey software can help you with a number of the organizational tasks you must deal with during the course of planning your event, feedback and following up. But, not every event survey is the same. Here you'll learn the difference between an event planning survey and a pre-event survey tool.P

Event Planning Survey

You conduct an event planning survey early in your planning process to help you explore different event options. An exploratory survey like this is different than the pre-event survey. It's a qualitative survey that helps you discover what your audience hopes to get out of your event, allowing you to explore their interests and needs to make sure they're in line with your objectives. You conduct this type of survey prior to registration.

Data to Make Informed Decisions

When you plan an event for your workplace or business, you'll need to juggle various diverse requirements, opinions and preferences. Before you make a decision on a holiday party or team-building exercise, send out an event planning survey to collect all the information you'll need for making an informed decision. Ask questions like:

- Do you have any questions you'd like addressed at this event?
- Do you have any restrictions in your diet?
- Is there anything in particular you're hoping to see?
Customize your questions as you seem fit, of course.


You'll require a proper headcount to ensure you have enough pastries and coffee for all attendees, for example. Gather the number of individuals, names, addresses and other pertinent data you require to plan your event accurately. This is best done in the planning stage, so you can ensure you have the appropriate space, supplies and refreshments you need.

Pre-Event Survey

You send pre-event surveys to individuals who have registered for your event already. It questions those registered about the finer details of your event. The questions often relate to how you can accommodate your attendees during your event such as:

- Lodging
- Food preferences
- Session signups
- And more

The questions are generally quantitative using close-ended answer options.

Gain Feedback for Creating an Event

With a pre-event survey, you can gain feedback before your event so you can get an idea of what your attendees are looking for, this way you're creating an event they'll want to attend.

You can obtain valuable opinions on the content of your event with a pre-event survey. Would they prefer to hear a certain speaker? Since the content you provide is the meat of your event, collecting specific details can help you create the perfect event your audience will find enlightening and worthwhile.

Obtain New Event Ideas

Pre-event surveys don't just enable you to plan for a present event, but also for a future one. You can ask your registrants what they'd like to see in your upcoming event such as:

- Venues
- Themes
- Foods
- Speakers

Knowing this information can help your team save effort and time while they plan the next strategy. Not to mention, your audience will feel valued and will be more likely to show up to future events.

Both survey types can fill a need in making a successful event. You might find you require only one of these types of surveys, or both, which will depend on what type of event you're planning and the stage of the planning process you're in.
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