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Customer satisfaction surveys asking for feedback you can act on

Posted on 2/15/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The measure of all well-performing businesses is what your customers say about you. This is why it’s crucial to collate customer feedback and to act on it. If you collect data and don’t do anything about it, you’re sending the message to your customers that you’re a business that doesn’t care. Customers will vote with their wallets, finding an alternative company that’s in their view seen to care.

For this reason, rolling out customer satisfaction surveys via online survey software is an effective way to get the feedback that you need so you can act on it and make your business as customer-focused as possible.

Why Asking for Actionable Feedback Matters

Without loyal customers, your business won’t succeed. Customers appreciate being listened to. Not just this, but taking the time to actively listen and to take action is something that makes a good business great. Even if they have complaints, through establishing an honest dialog and remedying any issues, you can retain a dependable customer base.

When you get good service, you speak with your friends and family about your experience. This also holds true for a negative customer experience. However, when negatives are turned into positives via the findings of a customer satisfaction survey, everyone is happy. You need to be seen to be acting on feedback, rather than simply collecting data via survey software.

Collecting information and doing nothing with it is a waste of resources, time, and effort. So, what can be done to make customer data actionable?

Acknowledge your customers. When people use your survey tool, be sure to send them a personal message of thanks.

Acknowledge positive feedback as well as negative. You’re sure to receive both positive and negative feedback. It’s therefore crucial to identify areas your customers are satisfied with so you can pinpoint what’s working and where. This way, you can implement these methodologies and behaviors throughout your business.

Be proactive. If the same issues are consistently flagged up, you have a problem. If many people are complaining about similar issues, reaching out to them as soon as possible helps you to retain their business.

Ask for specifics. Be specific and selective in your questions for feedback.

Don't be afraid of fear. Of course, you want to hear good things about your products and services. But you might just find that you can propel your business to new heights by asking a pointed question, like "what is the one thing you would improve or change about our products or services?”

Regularly assess customer satisfaction. Maintain customer engagement by keeping active customers engaged with your business by regularly sending out customer satisfaction surveys to ensure your firm is evolving as you’ve anticipated.

Listening to your consumers lets them know they’re valued as individuals. Your business isn’t simply about the money that they spend that contributes to your bottom line, it’s about your hard work, dedication and loyalty to retaining happy customers.
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