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Customer satisfaction surveys are a key tool for businesses

Posted on 11/22/2010 by Jessica in category: survey software articles
Customer satisfaction surveys are a key tool for businesses to gauge how well they are doing and if there are improvements or changes they need to make in certain areas. While some companies still send surveys through the mail, many others take advantage of the convenience and cost effectiveness of online survey applications.

When visiting a company's web home page, you may have been presented with a dialog box before you were able to see the page information. The dialog box tells you that the company would like for you to participate in a short survey when you have finished visiting the site, and provides you with the option to participate or to decline answering. If you have ever seen such an invitation to answer a client satisfaction survey, then you were most likely interacting with survey software. Such software can take one of two forms: packaged or hosted.

Packaged software is downloaded and installed on your computer. Hosted survey software is accessed from the web site of a company that provides survey tools. Hosted survey software is used entirely through a web browser and does not required installing anything on your computer. Either packaged and hosted survey software allows for the creation of questions and surveys and for recording responses to surveys.

Also, survey software and survey tools typically provide reporting and analysis modules used to display responses and to extract information from responses. As mentioned earlier, these data are invaluable to businesses to identify areas of service needing improvement.

If a customer is invited to take an online survey and is dissatisfied in any way, answering the survey is a good way to get the message to the company, especially if the survey form provides an "additional comments" section. A polite, non-confrontational response, stating exactly the source of the discontent and suggestions for rectifying the situation can go a long way towards helping a company improve its services.

If a customer voices negative concerns in a client satisfaction survey, she may be contacted again by a representative of the company. Such follow up will let her know that the company is genuinely interested in its customers' opinions. She can then provide further information that she may have been unable to enter in the survey because of limited space.
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