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Cultivate better client relationships with a client satisfaction survey software

Posted on 8/2/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Keeping client's happy and satisfied is the backbone to any client-based business. Whether the goal is to keep a client coming back or to hope the client refers others to your products or services, the fact of the matter is that satisfied clients add value to your business and dollars to your bottom line. But just how do you find out how happy your clients really are? The answer: through a survey tool called a client satisfaction survey.

Client satisfaction surveys are a popular tool in both a small and large business's toolbox. If done correctly, they can provide a harvest of valuable insight and knowledge to cultivate better client relationships, make well-informed strategic decisions, and improve products and services.

They can also be used as a proactive tool, to help you prevent client-business problems or issues before they occur. What's more, without client satisfaction feedback, you may be making both short and long-term decisions that are not in tune with your client's interests. Whether you receive compliments, complaints, or requests as a result of your client satisfaction online survey, you'll learn more about what is important to your clients. Once you receive the results of your online survey on client satisfaction, you can turn the data into charts and graphs to highlight trends, whether positive or negative.

In order to get most out of this survey tool, you'll want to be clear on the goals and objectives of your client satisfaction survey. You certainly don't want to burden your client with pages upon pages of tedious questions, so make sure that the answers to each of the questions asked will provide you with meaningful data to improve your business. While the number of questions will ultimately depend upon your industry, clients, objectives, and goals, you want to strike a balance between having enough questions to provide you with significant feedback without overwhelming or burdening your clients unnecessarily.

That said, today's client satisfaction surveys can be designed using survey software and administered as an online survey. Not only does this make it easier for you, as a business manager, to focus in on the key topics, but it's very convenient for your clients as well. For businesses that operate regionally and even globally, being able to administer a client satisfaction survey as an online survey is essential.

The realm of questions included in survey software that can be asked in a client satisfaction survey are practically unlimited, but some examples focus on client-business relationship and products and services. For example, responsiveness, quality of interactions, attitude, listening to client's wishes, and communication are all topics important to a client -- and important to know what the client thinks about them.

Next, you'll likely want to know how your current products and services are meeting their needs. Are there any additional services that your business should be offering, and that your clients would think are worthwhile? What about add-ons to your product line?

Properly implemented client satisfaction feedback programs shouldn't necessarily be a one-time event. Instead, smart business owners should use this feedback to track progress over time.
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