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Create your own survey using logos themes and brand names

Posted on 12/3/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Are you taking advantage of business branding when creating surveys for current customers or potential customers? Or, are you utilizing basic, generic surveys that offer no real connection to your organization or brand?

Brand Your Surveys

With so many businesses competing for consumer attention, branding today is more important than ever before. That's why it's so important that you choose online survey software that allows you the option to edit survey templates so that you can use your business colors, upload your business logo, or even change the font to match those of your business brand.

Don't forget to create templates specifically for people who are accessing surveys on mobile devices, tablets, and touchscreen PCS and laptops. These devices are becoming more widely used by consumers and it becomes frustrating for survey-takers when surveys are difficult, or impossible, to view on their devices of choice.

You should also consider branding all aspects of the survey including user registration pages, portals, login pages, and profile pages. Make sure you include not only the logo of your business but also your company name. Also specify headers and footers for the survey that all work together to reinforce your brand.

Survey Logos

Generic surveys that have simply been loaded into the survey tool without branding or logos associated with them say little about the business. In fact, it can be easy for survey takers to forget which business is asking the questions. This doesn't happen when your logo is prominently displayed in the visual spaces on the survey.

Don't forget to specify the position of the logo when you create your own survey. Most templates allow you the option of center logo positions, left, right, or with the title. Try out a few and see which one appears to garner the best response.

Survey Themes

Keep your themes consistent to make your surveys stand out. Embed images, add custom graphics to the survey, choose different colors, change fonts, and even change the size and shape of the buttons for answers in order to maintain your theme.

You are in control when you create your own survey for your customers. Just remember that you don't want the template to overshadow the survey itself. This is all about promoting your brand while getting the information you want from potential patrons.

Survey Thank You Page

Follow through with the branding and themes used throughout the survey on your Thank You page. If you don't have one, it's time to create one. Survey software is only beneficial to businesses when customers take the time to respond.

This is one page that should be anything but generic. Let them know your business is the one who appreciates them and then direct them back to your business site in a seamless transition, meaning keep the colors, fonts, and logos as consistent as possible.

Every survey you create is an opportunity for you to promote and/or reinforce your business brand. Make sure the people responding to your survey know who the driving force behind the survey is by displaying your business logo and colors prominently on the survey. These tips are sure to help improve brand recognition and customer response.
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