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Comparing the telephone survey with web-based survey and mobile survey

Posted on 12/26/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In order to be competitive in today's global economy, it is imperative that companies conduct market research to gather insights, opinions, and feedback on company products, services, and trends. There are several ways of gathering market research data, a historically popular survey tool was the telephone survey, while web-based surveys and mobile surveys have risen in popularity in recent years. Regardless of whether you decide to implement a telephone survey, a web-based survey, or a mobile survey, all can be crafted through online survey software.

Telephone Survey

Advantages of a telephone survey include the ability of a survey interviewer to dig deeper into the survey respondent's responses. The interviewer can ask for clarification as well as ask the respondent to elaborate on confusing responses or responses of concern. When used with a computer-assisted telephone interviewing, or CATI, system, a telephone survey can allow for quick contact with responses. Further, when the topic is of extreme sensitive nature, a telephone survey can be conducted with the sensitivity the topic needs. That said, a telephone survey can be more expensive than other types of survey deployment methods, such as web-based surveys and mobile surveys. In addition, survey respondents are not always receptive of providing survey feedback, particularly when it interrupts their personal time or is requested during dinner hour.

Web-Based Survey

On the other hand, a web-based survey can reach survey respondents at any time of the day or night. Respondents do not feel as intruded upon and can answer the survey request at their leisure. Because web-based surveys and mobile surveys are less labor-intensive than telephone surveys, they can be less expensive to implement. Though these days, telephone surveys can be constructed with online survey software to reduce the overall costs of this type of survey deployment method. Since survey respondents can see the questions being asked of them, they can take their time and reflect upon their answers. This can lead to more insightful market data and more focused results. An added benefit with both mobile surveys and the online survey is that graphics can be displayed within the survey.

Mobile Phone Survey

With the ubiquitous of mobile devices, mobile surveys create a highly beneficial opportunity to capture market research data in a modern, and high-tech way, especially when combined with online survey software. Mobile surveys are a way for savvy companies to get a rapid pulse on their target market. Like the web-based survey (and even more so with the mobile survey), this survey tool can catch the respondent anytime and anywhere as most people these days keep their cellphone or smartphone with them at all time.

Whether you choose to gather market data through a telephone survey, web-based survey, or mobile survey may depend on the topic, cost, or timing needed. But the important thing to note, is that online survey software is the state-of-the-art way of building the most effective survey that can provide unbiased, actionable feedback regardless of which survey deployment tool you decide to use.
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