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Common types of online website surveys

Posted on 6/8/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Website surveys gather data from website visitors in order to process information for website statistical analysis. The ultimate goal is to increase visitor retention rates, improve conversion rates, or provide better customer service. Although web analytics can provide you with trends, traffic patterns, and even website hang-ups, more thorough data can be obtained by conducting a website survey using survey software.

Website surveys can be created using survey software and used for a wide variety of reasons. Take a look at the most common ones:

Website Feedback Survey

This type of online survey is used to gather feedback on user experiences. Typical questions included in website survey software are: "How did you find our website"? and "Why did you visit our website"?

Website Exit Survey

These surveys are typically a website survey that "pops up" when the visitor is exiting the survey to ask the visitor about his or her experience on the website. Questions often include "Did you find what you needed"? and "What is the likelihood that you will visit the site again"? Alternatively, these surveys can be emailed to visitors.

Visitor Demographics Survey

Visitor demographics help website owners learn more about the profiles of visitors to their website. Learning more about website demographics can drive marketing and website design efforts, making dollars spent in these areas count more.

Website Customer Survey

Website customer’s surveys are survey tools often used when customers use online support chats.

Site Redesign Survey

Commonly used before or after a website design, site redesign surveys can be done to better understand customer preferences and priorities. Sometimes, you can have a "Beta" website redesign for certain customers and receive feedback from a website survey before launching the website.

Transaction Survey

Another e-commerce online survey, transaction surveys tell you what customers liked about processing a transaction on your website and where it fell short.

E-commerce Conversion Surveys

If you are an online retailer of a product or survey, then you most likely are interested in conversion rates, as it’s a key factor of website success. The conversion survey tool tells you why conversions happen and why they don't. The information gained from an e-commerce conversion survey can address strategic operations, and more importantly, increase conversion rates.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Surveys

If website analytics told you that you have a high shopping cart abandonment rate, then a shopping cart abandonment survey can tell you why customers are abandoning their shopping cart early on in their purchase process. There may be a simple reason, such as lack of shipping information or having to register with your site that is turning off customers and abandoning their shopping cart.

Getting responses to your website survey isn't as difficult as you may think. Depending on the survey length, you could offer a discount or coupon on their next purchase or even a monetary reward. If your online survey is just a few questions, and you let the visitor know upfront, you'll have better luck at getting more responses. With the rise in social media, posting links to your survey on your Facebook or Twitter page can increase your response rate even further.
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