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College surveys engage students and faculty for the betterment of the educational institution

Posted on 11/10/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Results from college surveys help relay important information and key issues to college administration and faculty. A college survey designed with survey software is a survey tool that the entire educational organization can benefit from. Feedback and suggestions for improvement from current and past students, instructors, and faculty can help college administration personnel address problem areas and take action to correct them. Data obtained from a college online survey can also be compared to national and regional benchmarks to further assess the performance of the college.

Although there are a number of types of college survey tools, the most common include the student survey, faculty survey, course evaluation, and campus safety survey.

  • Student Survey - The student survey tool is most often conducted as an online survey. It's also typically done at multiple times during a student's average four year tenure at college. For instance, the freshman survey is quite popular because college administrators desire to keep the students they worked hard at attracting until they obtain their degree. On the other hand, senior surveys offer insight into how the student has viewed his four years at his higher level educational institution of choice. Not only will survey questions include how satisfied the student was with her college experience, but questions commonly ask for ratings in various areas of college life, such as dorm life, coursework, professors, financial aid, career counseling, and job and career preparation. College students are busy and online surveys allow them the convenience and flexibility to log on any time to provide their response. A friendly, minimally time-consuming designed student online survey will assist administrators in receiving higher response rates.

  • Faculty Survey - The faculty survey is another type of college survey that has the mission to find out how well the organization contributes to the success of the faculty member. Because faculty play a key role in shaping students during their college years, knowing how faculty views and perceives the educational organization is crucial to providing the best educational experience for students.

  • Course Evaluation Survey - Course evaluation surveys aren't new; they've been around for years - and for a good reason. Course evaluation surveys, built with online survey software, are a key component in adjusting and updating coursework criteria for future semesters. College students come to expect these evaluation surveys at every turn because they are asked to complete one at the end of practically every class they take.

  • Campus Safety Survey - Post-secondary campus safety surveys completed by student respondents tell college administrators how safe their campus is -- as perceived by students. While every college campus is different with unique security needs, the fact of the matter is safety on campus is a huge issue for both students and parents alike. College campus safety measures includes self-locking dorm rooms, 24 hour security, emergency buttons throughout campus, lighting. Keep in mind that although many factors affect campus safety, including its location (rural vs. urban), school type (public vs. public), percentage of commuter students, and the school's size to name a few, a campus safety survey can highlight specific areas of safety concerns.

Engaging students, faculty and staff through college surveys can help an educational institution address areas of improvement in both academics and student life.

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