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College survey for seniors help better prepare educational institutions for the future

Posted on 11/27/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
College surveys, and college surveys for seniors in particular, are a great way for educational administrators and faculty to assess areas that cannot be readily seen. This includes the thoughts, feelings, opinions and insights of college students. A college survey for seniors designed with online survey software is a great way to connect the academic climate to the economic environment as a measurement of the impact and satisfaction of college as it relates to career aspirations and post-college plans.

Although a college survey for seniors can be used as a stand-alone survey tool, it is most valuable when combined with other online surveys, including surveys targeted to freshman and alumni.

College surveys for seniors focus on a broad range of areas relating to college experiences, satisfaction from college, post-college goals and plans.

College Experience

A core area of significance when measuring a student's college experience is the satisfaction they had with their education. Areas that fall under this category include the students' academic achievement, the students' engagement, the students' interaction with faculty, and how well the college experience met the student's goals and expectations. Questions concerning students overall experience in terms of their experience being happy or enjoyable or if they would choose to attend that college again as a high school senior deciding on a college can be especially insightful for the college administrators, particularly if a trend is spotted.

In addition, open-ended questions are prudent to include in the online survey software to gain insight on areas that the students feels could be improved, whether that is with faculty, curriculum, dining options, or the college campus. You will likely find that students will be forthcoming with their opinions and they will be thoughtful and detailed.

Post-Destination Plans

College is one method of preparing individuals to become a productive member of society. A college survey can delve into the post-graduation plans of the senior college students. Here, statistics can be compiled to assess the overall job placement for students.

Online survey software questions can include:

Has the college senior secured a position?

Is the college senior currently seeking a position?

Is the college senior not seeking employment because of further schooling?

In addition, to learning about the college senior's post-destination plans, other valuable data for college administrators is to gain insight on is students' thoughts, beliefs, and feelings on whether college adequately prepared them for their next stage in life, whether that is to gain employment after college or to seek advanced education. Sub-categories here can include asking about whether college coursework was relevant to their future career or to advanced schooling.

All-in-all, feedback from college surveys for seniors help relay important issues and key insights to college administration and faculty. A college survey designed with online survey software is a survey tool that both future students and the entire educational organization can benefit from.

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