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Client survey dos and donts

Posted on 7/22/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Large businesses strive to provide their clients with exactly what they need in order to make a profit and provide a return to shareholders if they have them. To find out what your clients need, you need to ask them what they really want. But how do you get this information? Take advantage of client surveys!

Allow your clients to fill out surveys using survey software or survey tools; collect responses on the services you offer, and what else you can do to impress them! Below are some do's and don'ts to consider when conducting client surveys.

• DON’T: Try not to overload your client list with ongoing surveys. Bimonthly is considered adequate. Generate a mix-up of clients and surveys. Send to both your repeat clients and clients you rarely see. Clients who haven't used your services in a while will surely return great responses on why they haven't returned.

• DO: The survey should be short, attractive, and friendly. Completion should take five minutes or less. If you want to take a longer survey, give something back. A free service, product, or discount on a future service is useful if you want to take an in-depth survey.

• DON’T: Do not inquire for private information. Anonymous surveys give more honest responses. Give the interviewee the opportunity to provide their contact information so that you can respond to negative responses. Follow up on that response as soon as possible and make sure you attend to whatever mistakes have been highlighted.

• DO: Employ different survey types. Find out how people respond using the online survey via the web versus a mobile survey. Consider making comment forms available between surveys to supplement online survey responses. Educate staff to offer these forms to all clients and even visitors.

• DON’T: Don't ask too many general questions. Use multiple-choice questions and give them a chance to return comments. Clients are more likely to give feedback if they have the opportunity to answer multiple-choice questions.

• DO: Use surveys focused on different services enjoyed. Instead of general questions, ask clients about the specific service they received. Targeted responses can be more useful than general data.

Clients like to share their ideas. Offer them the opportunity to relate how your services affect them. Receiving feedback openly provides an assurance of being valued and appreciated, and also ready to provide more. Negative feedback is to be learned from, and improved upon.

Use surveys regularly to strengthen your marketing strategy. Study all feedback and responses and adapt your changes accordingly (not all responses are to be used), whether to your services or your staff. If you are planning to announce a new service, employ a survey before introducing it. You may find that it would be better not to. After all, you’re just supplying the service, you’re not enjoying it yourself. Also, if your service is not making sales, a client survey tool is the way to go. The information collated through these surveys will be critical.

There are many ways to gather information from your clients, but keep these tips in mind when conducting a new survey using online survey software. Remember to make it easy to complete and then work on the responses.
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