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Choosing the best online survey research software

Posted on 8/15/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Did you know that online survey research software can be a great tool to increase user engagement and boost your online sales endeavors? While online survey software isn’t a new concept, traditional survey tools were limited and only available on a PC.

These days, survey research software has greatly evolved and allows users to form creative and informational surveys for respondents, and includes mobile applications.

You can use survey software in a variety of ways. It’s particularly useful for:

- Market research efforts
- Learning what type of content users are interested in
- Obtaining existing and new product feedback
- Measuring employee or customer satisfaction
- What Makes A Great Survey Research Tool?

You’ll find that there are numerous survey software tools available on the market all of which meet different needs. Therefore, finding the one that is right for your business endeavors can be a challenge. The most basic online survey software has an interface that allows you to create survey questions, responses and send out the link. On the other hand, there are a plethora of sophisticated survey tools available with increased functionality.

Check out these key features of a good survey software:

Website Integration

Most online survey software will allow you to create custom surveys on through the interface. However, you may want to use a tool that allows you to integrate your surveys or polls into your own website with your company’s branding.


A quality survey software is great at randomizing the set of questions you’ve created. The quality of the data you received is also dependent on randomization. In addition, you’ll be able to create open-ended questions and polls.


Customization is very important. You’ll want to invest in a survey tool that allows you to get creative with colors, font types and with options to apply your brand’s logo to the survey or poll.

Having an attractive survey with dynamic content is important because it appeals to people and encourages visitors to want to take the survey. Not only that, but it keeps them working through your survey until they complete it.

Data Collection

When choosing an online survey software it’s crucial to select a survey tool based on ease of data collection and analysis. You’ll want to choose a survey software that provides real-time data results so you’ll be able to see whenever someone completes a survey. A quality survey tool will help you make sense of the data collected by presenting it in a range of analysis reporting styles.

Data Interpretation

Collecting accurate data is one thing. But you must analyze, interpret and improve upon the data collected. Having survey software that can offer charts and graphs and filtering functions is essential today in choosing the best survey software features.

Yes, there are a plethora of survey tools on the market. Whether you choose a basic survey software or a program with increased functionality, the perfect software solution is able to create quality surveys with adequate data analysis reporting.
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