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Can an employee opinion survey contribute to the successful execution of corporate strategy

Posted on 5/7/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Corporate strategies are only as good as their execution. That should come as no real surprise to business owners today. However, if employees don't have a clear grasp of the strategy and their roles in executing it successfully, businesses leaders could have a real conundrum on their hands.

How do businesses, who have so many other things to worry about, make sure everyone is on the same page about the strategy and its corresponding execution without pulling each individual employee aside to find out?

The use of online survey software to conduct an employee opinion survey can reveal a great deal about your employees and the strategy you've created. These are just a few ways survey software can help your business successfully carry out its strategies for short and long-term success.

1) Clarify Employee Understanding of the Corporate Strategy

If you ask the right questions, there isn't much you can't learn about how well your employees understand not only the strategy you've developed for your business, but also the expectations you have for the employees' roles in executing the strategy.

You can even use the employee opinion survey tool to ask specific questions of employees in different departments throughout the company in order to remove doubts about specific teams or departments knowing their critical roles.

The better employees understand their individual roles, or at least the roles their departments play in the overall corporate strategy process, the better the odds are that the strategy will work. However, the more clearly they understand the overall corporate mission, the better they will understand their individual roles in making it happen. This understanding helps them make day-to-day decisions that serve to further that goal.

2) Measure Engagement of Employees in the Strategy

Another important detail you can glean from the information gathered through the use of online survey software involves how engaged your employees are in making the strategy work for your business.

Asking the right questions isn't always easy when conducting employee surveys, but it's critical when you're working to determine how engaged your employees are in helping your company meet the goals you've set for it.

If your employees aren't on board and enthusiastic about the long-term blueprint of the company, perhaps it's time to revisit the plan and see where changes can be made that might serve to increase employee engagement. After all, without employees to make it happen, your strategy is going to have a hard time getting off the ground.

3) Conduct Product/Strategy Post-Mortems

Another creative way to use online survey software is as as an instrument to gain a new understanding of how employees feel about projects or strategic campaigns your business has employed once the "push" is over. This reveals much about how employees feel about the role they've played, the effectiveness of the strategy, and what kinds of strategies they'd like to see the business employ in the future.

Final Thoughts

Using an employee opinion survey tool to learn about your employees and how they think is an ingenious use of surveys for many businesses, especially as it allows you an opportunity to explore the successes and failures of past strategies from the eyes of the people who are "on the ground" turning those strategies into sales or services for your business.

With so many ways to use online survey software to promote the execution of your corporate strategies, the only questions remaining is why you're not using it yet and what you're going to do to remedy the situation.
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