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Build a stronger K-12 community with a school survey

Posted on 7/18/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

The pillar of a community is almost always rooted in the education system. After all, it is the school system that educates students and prepares them for the real world by teaching them necessary skills that they’ll use when they grow up and being productive members of the community.

How can you ensure that you’re children receive everything they need to get good jobs and lead fulfilling lives? The key is creating a thriving school culture and boosting student engagement.

School Survey to Strengthen School Community

One of the best ways to strengthen the K-12 school community is by encouraging student and parent engagement. This can be done through school surveys that can gauge a variety of elements including; school safety, family involvement, school climate and collaborative teaching. Yes, you can use a survey to gain insight on what areas the schools are doing great and what sectors will require improvement.

School surveys allow you to hear the voice of the parents and students. They also help school leaders to easily streamline data collection process so that is readily available to the district and you’ll be able to uncover influential factors that can greatly affect educational outcomes.

Survey and School Branding

When it comes to the term “branding” it’s a concept that’s often used in the marketing world by corporations who seek to promote their products. In recent years, it’s a term that’s also being heavily embraced by the education system. Yes, many experts support the notion that building strong relationships through branding is a crucial element to a school’s success especially in light of increasing competition.

Branding a school is all about letting the public know what makes the school unique and how it’s preparing students for the future. In order to brand a school, it’s important to make use of the communication tools available.

Perhaps one of the most effective communication tools in a school's arsenal is web surveys or questionnaires. This communication method allows you to control the narrative of the school by seeing just what the students and the teachers are saying. You can use surveys or questionnaires to determine what areas in the school environment needs to be changed so that it can be more appealing to potential students and they're parents.

Using A Survey Tool

Schools can make use of professional online survey software to create surveys that are engaging and appealing to users. Professional survey software makes it easier to create questionnaires for grades K-12 and to incite teacher engagement. 

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