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Boost morale productivity and profitability with employee online survey software

Posted on 8/8/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
For many companies, the best asset for gaining a competitive advantage is its people. Business models, marketing strategies, and even products can be replicated by copy cat competitors. In contrast, talented people -- who know the ins and outs of the business cannot be duplicated. They can also serve to set one organization apart from the rest.

But in order to obtain a competitive advantage through people, a company needs to both succeed in attracting top talent and retain expert workers and high performers. This means it's not enough just to keep employee morale high, but managers must engage both the hearts and minds of employees at every level in the corporation.

One of the best ways to do this is through an employee survey. An employee survey tool can provide management with a checkup of the overall health of the organization from the employee's perspective. Designed strategically through survey software, and employee survey can help you in a myriad of areas.

Benefits of Employee Surveys 
  • Identify problem areas before they escalate into something more serious. 
  • Measure and monitor employee mood and morale. 
  • Establish benchmarks to measure and monitor improvements. 
  • Improve employee training, which is often a source of employee dissatisfaction. 
  • Enhance communication between management and employees. 
  • Measure employee alignment to corporate goals and objectives. 
  • Improve overall employee productivity levels. 
  • Heighten employee engagement. 

Employee surveys are a popular and important survey tool that organizations can utilize to solicit employee feedback on a full range of workplace issues. All built by online survey software, employee surveys can encompass a number of feedback areas in one comprehensive survey or the issues can be broken down into individual types of employee surveys.

Types of Employee Surveys 
  • Employee Engagement Surveys - Measure how engaged, passionate, and committed employees are with respect to their job, coworkers, management, and company. 
  • Employee Attitude Surveys - Assess employees' emotions and feelings within the workplace. 
  • Employee Opinion Surveys - Uncover views and beliefs help by employees. 
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Helps determine the root cause of dissatisfaction problems and target them accordingly. 
  • 360 Surveys - As its name suggest, these types of surveys examine the employee from all angles, including peers, supervisors, subordinates, vendors, and customers. 
  • Organizational Assessment Surveys - More of a global company survey, this type of survey measures the key propellers in a company. 
  • Employee Exit Surveys - Another important survey tool, employee exit interviews often can provide valuable insight on relationships, training, and work processes within an organization. 

Regardless of whether you implement one type of employee survey or many, the information that online surveys provide help companies boost productively from all levels within an organization. And because this survey tool is built using survey software, it is easy to create, simple to deploy, and quick to administer.

All-in-all, when conducted regularly and strategically, employee surveys not only help boost employee morale, but improve organization profitability.

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